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Re: “Attorney general's report says NY is experiencing heavier rainfall

Exceptional report by NYS AG connecting the dots between NY’s heavy rainfall, Climate Change, and the need to adapt.

What is not exception about this report: it states what Climate Change studies have been saying about how Climate Change is already affecting us—and what needs to be done.

What is exception is that an office as important as the New York State Attorney General says that it agrees with the climate studies. What is even more exceptional is that only a few media (like Rochester City Newspaper) have even mentioned the AG’s press release and the posted the study: “Current And Future Trends In Extreme Rainfall Across New York State”.…

Although only a few of our state (or anywhere else for that matter) leaders have stepped up to the plate and described to the media (and thus the public) exactly what is a stake in New York State as Climate Change gets worse, none of our leaders—mayors, environmental authorities, county executives, and have the luxury of climate denial.

Our leaders are the ones that are obligated to inform the public of clean and present dangers and do something about it. We are long past the time for comprehensive Climate Change messaging throughout our state in the media about the kinds of changes we should expect and the level of adaptation we will have to marshal to accomplish that. Climate Change is not a special interest issues, it is an issue special to all of us—even those who don’t believe in science.

More on Climate Change in our area:…

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 09/06/2014 at 8:10 AM

Re: “Local fast food workers strike for better wages

$15 is too high for a minimum wage. Fast food workers seem to work pretty hard for low wages, but that's just how it is. The concept of a minimum wage has no real value other than as a talking point for politicians. The law of worker supply and demand drives fast food hourly wages higher and lower. If there is a shortage of workers, then wages and benefits naturally rise.

Why would someone make demands from an employer that they get paid more? I've seen some great people leave a place for more money.

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Posted by Mike Bruton on 09/05/2014 at 7:33 PM

Re: “Local fast food workers strike for better wages

I have to apologize about the stats. I did not notice that they are from 2010, so the actual current results may be quite different.

Posted by Mike on 09/05/2014 at 3:32 PM

Re: “Local fast food workers strike for better wages

Cres...'s comments are actually incorrect. The unemployment rate in the city of Rochester is 10%. It is the metro area that has a low 6.1% unemployment rate. This means that the suburbs have a rate of something like 4%, which is pretty close to full employment. But that is not the case for city residents. I also think, but this is just an opinion, that the reason for the high poverty rate in the city is that the middle class has fled the city for the suburbs over the past decades. After all, the commute from a suburb to the city, if you work there, is relatively short, and the housing costs outside the city are low by national standards. And one gets the advantages of reasonable schools and low crime.

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Posted by Mike on 09/05/2014 at 3:12 PM

Re: “Local fast food workers strike for better wages

Perhaps we're forgetting that Rochester is the 5th poorest city in the US (3rd by some metrics). And given that the Rochester area unemployment rate is consistently about 1% lower than the national rate, that means that the reason rochester is poor is not because there aren't jobs. It's because the jobs there are are paying poverty wages, like the fast food industry. And as Americans we're also forgetting that the only way that we've ever succeeded in fighting poverty is through the kind of organizing that these workers are doing. Striking for better pay is as American as apple pie. And it's also the best way to fight poverty in Rochester. These brave workers are leading the way toward an economy that works for all of us. They're heroes.

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Posted by Crescenzo Scipione on 09/05/2014 at 1:37 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson killed while on duty

OK, folks, this is a serious issue well worth discussing. But this has turned into a thread of personal insults, so we're stopping the comments.

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Posted by Christine Carrie Fien on 09/05/2014 at 1:15 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson killed while on duty

I do not "hate" the police. Clearly no one actually read my post. The first sentence is quote "IT IS AN OUTRAGE THAT A POLICE OFFICER HAS BEEN KILLED." Police officers are human beings like anyone else. Many of them work very hard and dangerous jobs. But I didn't ask him to become a police officer. He had a weapon. There are many police officers in Rochester who walk around as if they are untouchable. Look at Ferguson. Mostly peaceful protests turned into a police riot. Police are to preserve order and keep peace, not create disorder, which is what they did in Ferguson. I have myself been hassled by the county sheriff's office. What was I doing? WALKING DOWN A PUBLIC SIDEWALK MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. Let me repeat that: I was WALKING DOWN A PUBLIC SIDEWALK MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. I wasn't engaged in ANYTHING illegal, unlawful or even suspicious, unless walking down a public sidewalk is now illegal. I had two armed deputies (I was not) approach me, demand to see my I.D. (unconstitutional), demand to know where I was going (absolutely none of their business, since it was uh... HOME), ask me if I had any weapons on me (Of course they both had pistols, Tasers and pepper spray on them) then was illegally detained while they called H.Q. to run a background check on me for absolutely no reason (I've never committed any criminal act of any sort). They were rude and insolent. These are public servants. I hire the people by my votes (county executive, county sheriff, county legislature) who hire them. My taxes (and yours) pay their salaries. And you all above dare to have the insolence to question ME? You are all docile sheep ready to be led to slaughter. I would suggest you all read Davy V BlogSpot. And quit giving me crap because I have the cajones to question authority while you all repeat the propaganda of the government (and no, I'm actually a political moderate but I support the Constitution).

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Posted by sean on 09/05/2014 at 12:05 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson killed while on duty

"sean" wrote: “We must reclaim our streets from every criminal. Even if sometimes they wear blue.”
I don’t know where to begin with this post. An officer is killed doing his job in a crime-ridden hell hole and he’s at fault? Really? He is killed by a felon who has been coddled by the criminal justice system, allowed to plead down charges, released into our community before he should have ever been allowed out of jail and left completely unsupervised. And despite our much touted “strictest gun laws in America” he gets himself a handgun almost immediately after being released on parole. (Gee, I thought there was a background check and a waiting period to get a gun). Listen “sean”, its people like you with an attitude and an axe to grind who hate the police that are the problem; people who criticize the police and never appreciate the work that they do – including certain self-appointed "community leaders" for example. The next time you are in trouble, call them instead of the police department.

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Posted by Bart on 09/05/2014 at 6:42 AM

Re: “[UPDATED] Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson killed while on duty

Sean - be happy we live in America. Because if we truly lived in a police state (you allude to a Gestapo like environment) you would be dragged from your home and shot in the street for your comments, ignorant and inflammatory as they are.

Rest in peace Officer Daryl Pierson, thank you for your service sir.

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Posted by Bravura Laughingwolf on 09/04/2014 at 11:06 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson killed while on duty

We certainly do not live in a police state. Sure, cops respond with extra manpower when one of their own is hurt or killed. They know the risks, but they're not about to take it without doing all they can to prevent it. When you shoot at a cop, you're willing to do anything or hurt anyone to get what you want. A bystander was hit too. Police are human and make mistakes and I believe they should be held to a higher standard than citizens, and I believe they are. If you have a problem with a police officer's actions you should take it up with the department.

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Posted by Steve Hane on 09/04/2014 at 7:17 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson killed while on duty

Um do you even know ANYTHING about the story!?!?! How was this officer going "above the law"? I think the a$%hole that took off from a traffic stop, who ran from police officers on foot, who shot at police, who is a convicted felon, who had a warrent out for his arrest for violating probation, who had a gun on his person(which is illegal if you're a convicted felon BTW) thinks he is " above the law"!!! He ran because he knew he was going to be arrested!!! Your comment is ignorant and disgusting!!!

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Posted by Sheena Garman on 09/04/2014 at 6:53 PM

Re: “Local fast food workers strike for better wages

These people do realize that these local restaurants are franchises. They pay the corporation a fee to have the restaurant.
If you don't like the pay of the job why not quit and get a better job that pays more?

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Posted by Mark McIntee on 09/04/2014 at 5:55 PM

Re: “Local fast food workers strike for better wages

I am not sure what the relevance of your reference to the poverty level for a family of four is. Are we to believe that an employer is responsible to vary,an employee's pay according to their family size? Why not use the poverty level for an individual for comparison? That is about $11,700., which means employees even at the 10% percentile make more. Those receiving a pay raise undoubtably benefit from the higher income. But what about those that lose their jobs when the employer automates or creates more self service for the customer? For example, look at how many stores are moving to self checkout lines, which eliminates positions, just as tens of thousands of jobs were lost in the telecom industry when employment costs became higher than the investment costs to automate.

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Posted by Mike on 09/04/2014 at 4:55 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson killed while on duty

It is an outrage that a police officer has been killed. It is an outrage any time ANYONE is killed. Sadly when dozens of RPD officers were racing to the hospital last night to be part of the "Thin Blue Line", swaths of the city of Rochester were unprotected. Murderers, rapists, robbers and drug dealers were free to ply their trade. There are 9 unsolved homicides from this year. Dozens and dozens of officers don't respond when other people are shot and killed. Hell, you're lucky half the time if police show up at all. But when one of their own, who CHOSE to be a police officer and was armed, is injured, all Hell breaks loose. Hell hath no fury like a police officer disobeyed. We live in a police state. I pray for the officer's family. But I also pray for our city, b/c too many police seem to have better things to do than their jobs, keeping us safe. No one should be above the law. But as Ferguson and Rochester have shown, police think they are above the law b/c they enforce the law. Hogwash. We must reclaim our streets from every criminal. Even if sometimes they wear blue.

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Posted by sean on 09/04/2014 at 4:33 PM

Re: “Teacher report cards show performance discrepancies, but why?

Is this a serious post? Are we really aksing if better teacher training is the answer. Or maybe, duh, just hire better teachers like suburbs. whew, crisis solved!

How can anyone be surprised that the scores turned out this way? If test scores are used to measure performance, what other outcome can possibly be expected? Anyone rationale, intelligent person knows that city school district test scores are not driven by hoards of horrible teachers. There are good and bad teachers in both the city and suburban school districts. If we only consider the issue of teacher evaluations (and put aside the dismal perormance of the city schools), there is a very simple solution. Have teachers measured by thier boss (the school admin) based on the subjective criteria that the rest of us get judged on. Set objectives locally, get measured on them. This is how the rest of the world works w/o having mathmatical, standardized performance goals. If you think that is unfair, great!, join the rest of the world. As long as we rate teachers on unobtainable, non variable objectives, city teachers will always appear to have lesser performance.

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Posted by concerned citizen on 09/04/2014 at 3:10 PM

Re: “Race for Democratic party leader gets weird

Warren opens her letter, "This September we, as the Democratic Party, have an opportunity to do something extraordinary. Together we can elect someone who will work hard to unify our party." And then she goes on to tell Democrats what not to do and fails to tell us who this mysterious person may be. Quite strange communication to say the least, and certainly an example of the negative leadership style for which Warren has gained a reputation. As far as I am concerned the election was over months ago and most Democrats have moved forward. I just wish Mayor Warren would move us forward as well, instead of harboring ill will for the most common phenomenon in politics--a fellow Democrat who disagrees with you.

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Posted by City Democrat on 09/01/2014 at 10:10 AM

Re: “Race for Democratic party leader gets weird

The writer is correct. First, Richards became a Democrat a year before he ran...second, if he changed his registration it would not be effective until election day. But, the comment the writer made is correct...if he had won, he would have done so on the Independence Party line making him Mayor with no allegance to the Democrats. He was a faux Democrat to begin with.

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Posted by clint on 09/01/2014 at 7:20 AM

Re: “Race for Democratic party leader gets weird

'"If he [Warner] had been successful in his divisive sub-campaign, a non-Democratic mayor would be leading our great city," Warren wrote. '

Isn't that false? Richards remained a Democrat after losing the primary, correct?

4 likes, 10 dislikes
Posted by Adrian on 08/31/2014 at 10:11 PM

Re: “Groups push for and against lake levels plan

Trying to address Great Lake water levels highlights the need to address environmental imperatives and how to compensate ‘victims.’

As addressing Climate Change will force us (our governments) to make our life support system sustainable, we must find an economic way to make these regulations that will impact some folks unevenly (say, Great Lakes shoreline property owners) more palatable.

Trying to restore Great Lakes levels is only one of the measures that will have to be taken as we have to adapt to more extreme weather and climate that will always impact a special few. This doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice these special few each time we trying to make our life support system viable.

We as a society should find better ways than creative destruction (let the chips fall where they may) to humanely address sometimes drastic environmental regulations.

We don’t have to supplant our moral system with our economic system; we can address environmental concerns without creating victims who will naturally do anything to protect their own interests—who will form influential groups and we’ll have a shitstorm instead of a solution. Every time critical environmental regulations come up.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 08/22/2014 at 9:11 AM

Re: “Groups push for and against lake levels plan

This is so typical of our liberal government. We screwed it up over the last 50 years, so now we are going to "fix" it by screwing it up even more.

Please, please, please fix the schools, NYS must be the dumbest state in the country.

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Posted by johnny on 08/21/2014 at 8:59 PM

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