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Re: “The comeback: Molly Clifford's running for City Council

" But Clifford said this morning that the election is not about Warren, but about the people of Northwest Rochester, who couldn't care less about party politics. "

Disloyalty to the Democratic Party ? I highly doubt it !!! Molly ran Duffy's Campaign and got him elected. Many of us were very sad to see him go but he is back in Rochester now and trying to create jobs. As well, I believe Wade Norwood to be in a better position of power to really help the area in Health and Education. Duffy pulled the plug on a real mess when it came to the Fast Ferry and I am sure Molly had a hand in that too. Cut millions of dollars in spending to the RPD and formed the EAST / WEST system of coverage with 24 / 7 coverage as Police Chief while under the Johnson Admin. Now we have to call 911 for everything instead of being able to call both 911 and the Police Station. Molly got her appointment from Duffy but worked for it above and beyond politics in my opinion.

Have any of you readers actually gone to a committee meeting for Democrats in Rochester as I do not think I have ever seen more disagreement and lack of harmony.
Always bickering about whom is in control be it Gantt, Morelle MC Fadden or now Garretson instead of getting things accomplished by putting politics aside. Whom ever actually follows through with putting aside politics and works for the people of said neighborhood will win every open seat this year in County, City and Town Politics in my opinion.

Molly is a person that I know will follow through with that promise of working for the people of that district.

Craig Robert Moffitt
Republican / Democrat ( Independent Thinker)

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Posted by crm135790 on 02/26/2015 at 2:29 PM

Re: “The comeback: Molly Clifford's running for City Council

Wow, Molly has had a lot of jobs, but you failed to list any real accomplishments. Or is she a shoe in because she's a Democrat and a women? If you want diversity, how about a ....a.....a....Republican?

Posted by johnny on 02/26/2015 at 1:21 PM

Re: “The comeback: Molly Clifford's running for City Council

Ellen "Molly" Clifford's entire career -- including patronage appointments to city jobs she proved ill suited for -- is connected to her role as a party and campaign operative. She now insists that her record in these roles is off limits in weighing her bid for city council. While people could indeed "care less" about the petty factionalism that drove almost every action Clifford took in local politics, they are rightly concerned about the integrity and good faith of people in positions of public trust . The issue is not who anyone preferred in the last mayoral primary. Many fine individuals differed about that. What offended many people, supporters of both candidates is this: Clifford sought the leadership of the 28th district, where she did not live, after the winner of the mayoral primary was known. She then secretly worked against the winner of that primary, abusing that position of trust, when her personal financial stake in the outcome was reasonably presumed, and responded abusively and arrogantly when (at first courteously) questioned about it. She then ignored the requests of committee members for a copy of party rules, which might have resolved the situation. The result was massive committee primary challenges last year, with former County Chairperson Clifford holding her own committee seat by only a single vote. Needless to say she was not reelected Leader. However, she is now running for the city council for the district she just moved into last year. She had not lived in the NW for decades. The conduct is typical of her. The NW deserves better. For City newspaper to report on this topic, and overlook these facts, is journalistic malpractice .

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Posted by Tom Brennan on 02/26/2015 at 7:44 AM

Re: “Roman announces County Lej bid

I think Yversha Roman will be a wonderful change for this county.

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Posted by Becky Miriam Rodriguez on 02/26/2015 at 6:42 AM

Re: “The comeback: Molly Clifford's running for City Council

Christine has left important information out of this story, including Clifford's carpetbagger status in the Northwest, and ethical questions surrounding her conduct in party leadership positions, which are quite apart from honorably express differences in mayoral candidate preferences. I will address them here shortly, after double checking a few things. Furthermore, Mr. Plonczynski is not a NW resident, and the NW does not require his instruction in these matters. His last foray into NW civic affairs, his last of many unscrupulous intrusions, was last summer, when he invoked the serious illness of a NW party committee member to denigrate NW residents for participating the primary and petition process in committee selection. A committee member was ill, so how dare people take part in the democratic process. That was his argument. It was disgusting. And typical of him. It surprises me that somebody this lacking in common decency and good judgment has the nerve to show his face in public, let alone instruct other communities in how to run their affairs.

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Posted by Tom Brennan on 02/26/2015 at 6:38 AM

Re: “Profits or passing grades?

Johnny: in order to do that, the GOP would have to bother to put forward candidates for school board, city council, and mayor. They don't.

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Posted by Mark McKinzie on 02/21/2015 at 12:24 PM

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