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Re: “This week in the mayor's race: Friday, January 27…


1. A fallacious, unsubstantiated accusation regarding so-called "bigoted statements" is a very serious charge against a public official. And it is especially problematic --- coming from a group of Class-A hypocrites --- who have clearly demonstrated (via their race-based, unprincipled and unscrupulous, behavior during the 2013 Mayoral Election Campaign) that they are in fact the REAL BIGOTS. So, when the low-down, 'smutty-pot' has the intestinal fortitude, unmitigated gall, and raw audacity to attempt to talk about the kettle (in this particular regard) --- we (the unapologetically, pro-Black-sector of the Community and our allies) --- ought to be ready, willing and able to stand and challenge the immoral, unethical, and unprincipled, political hypocrites --- to either prove their charge, or publicly retract it --- period.

2. "Jamie Romeo, chairwoman of Monroe County Democrats, likened it to the questions and challenges that arose during the presidential primary" --- DEAD WRONG. IT IS NOT --- I REPEAT --- NOT even close to a good analogy. AS Councilman McFadden pointed out --- this is a clear situation of " Shepard working with a group of people who [are led by predominantly white folks, and are] purposefully disenfranchising black Democrats" --- period. So, if Ms. Romeo wants to establish a relevant and credible analogy --- she will necessarily have to reach back farther than the 2016 "presidential primary." If she is looking for a perfect analogy --- she needs not look any further than the activity that Mother Fannie Lou Hamer led at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, N.J. . Amazingly --- fifty three (53) years later --- some conditions are fundamentally the same. One of Mother Hamer's famous quotes is, "All of my life I have been sick and I have been tired. Now I am tired of being sick and tired." AREN'T WE???

3. Jamie Romeo was quoted as having said "there is a need for introspection, to be open and review established bylaws and practices. That is under way. The issue of residency is being discussed by party leadership, and Romeo said she expects there to be a proposal made that would address the matter. But it would not affect the current nomination process, which has already begun." THERE YOU HAVE IT --- ANOTHER CASE OF CHANGE IS ALWAYS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, BUT IT NEVER ARRIVES, AND EVEN WHEN IT DOES --- IT'S TOO LATE --- BECAUSE THE GAME WILL HAVE CHANGED. THE PATTERN IS OLD, STALE, AND COMPLETELY WORN-OUT. ALSO, AS USUAL, THE PREDOMINANTLY RACIST, WHITE MEDIA IS CLEARLY COMPLICIT. CONSIDER FOR EXAMPLE, THEY ALLOWED ROMEO TO RAMBLE ON AND ON ABOUT THE COMPOSITION OF CITY L.D. COMMITTEES, BUT NEVER ONCE HAVE THEY ASKED HER ONE OF THE MOST NATURAL AND LOGICAL QUESTIONS THAT ANY JOURNALIST WORTH HIS OR HER WEIGHT WOULD ASK, I. E., HOW MANY CITY RESIDENTS, ESPECIALLY BLACK CITY RESIDENTS ARE SITTING ON TOWN AND/OR VILLAGE COMMITTEES , AND PARTICIPATING IN CHOOSING MAYORS IN TOWNS AND VILLAGES??? RIGHT --- WE ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER --- ONCE AGAIN THE DEAN HAS IT RIGHT: : "If you can't vote for a person (in an election), then you ought not be voting them on the committee" --- PERIOD.

4. Councilman McFadden was also accused of so-called "hateful statements" and "inflaming racial divisions." When I read this, all I could do was scratch my head and ask ... WHAT???.....WHAT??? How in the heck does someone (single-handily) "inflame" a condition that has been burning-hot for decades --- literally? If anything the thoroughly hypocritical, unabashed, race-baiting, talking-heads ought to be thanking Councilman McFadden for helping to keep a lid on things.

5. "The letter called on Warren to publicly reprimand McFadden." WHAT???...WHAT??? Excuse me but these race-card-playing-hypocritical- bigots must be out of their damn minds.

6. Lastly, with regard to predominantly white, and often racist, mainstream media mentioning things like so-called "diversity of [the 25th L.D.] executive committee that includes a Latina and two black men" --- they just don't seem to get it, or don't want to get it, i.e., as Zora Neale Hurston taught us --- "All [our] skinfolk ain't kinfolk." In other words, all Black people are NOT created equal --- particularly, and especially regarding capacity for kow-towing and buck-dancing --- period.

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 03/23/2017 at 9:11 AM

Re: “Feedback 2/22

Rochester Musician ,

As I anticipated, if it was possible for this mayoral race {NOT] to become so-called "racially tinged," which is a super-gross understatement --- that would be the miracle of this century.……

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 02/23/2017 at 4:06 PM

Re: “Feedback 2/22

The TWO 2/22/17 "Feedback" articles (above) regarding the upcoming 2017 mayoral election --- are both off-base --- just as "the February 8 Urban Journal article," which they are discussing --- was also off-base,

The common denominator in all three cases is evasiveness and deep-seated, race-based, cognitive dissonance and denial. That is to say, each of the authors cleverly avoided the real issue that's at the bottom of that which is shaping up to be one of, if not THE most hotly contested mayoral election in the history of Rochester, which DEFINITELY WILL BREAK DOWN LARGELY ALONG RACIAL LINES --- PERIOD.

Thus, the bottom line really is --- structural, institutional, and individual RACISM (as manifested within the fabric and foundation of the Democratic Party --- locally, statewide, and nationally). This became very, very, painfully evident on the local level in 2013 (when --- for the first time in the history of Rochester and the local Democratic Party) --- a group of white, racists, local Party leaders launched an independent campaign AGAINST THEIR OWN PARTY'S CANDIDATE (AFTER SHE HAD SOUNDLY DEFEATED HER SUPER-WEALTHY, DEMOCRATIC PARTY PRIMARY OPPONENT --- WHO --- IN HIS OWN WORDS --- IS "AN OLD WHITE GUY").




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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 02/23/2017 at 7:25 AM
Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 02/12/2017 at 4:17 PM

Re: “The risks we face in the next race for mayor

The editorial represents a classic example and study regarding white, super-liberal-fragility; avoidance-behavior, and chronic denial --- relative to participation in individual and institutional racism. Instead of fessing-up --- the author attempts to shift critical dialogue to the idea that people need to make-up and let bygones be bygones --- even when they haven't completely passed away --- AMAZING!!!

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 02/12/2017 at 4:02 PM

Re: “Malik Evans is running for City Council

COMMUNITY ALERT --- We have an important and interesting, new twist in the upcoming 2017 Local Elections, i.e., Malik Evans has announced that he's running for Rochester City Council, which of course means that if he wins --- that will leave ANOTHER open seat on the Rochester City School District Board of Education (in addition to the three that are up for re-election --- Van White, Cynthia Elliott, and Jose Cruz), which also means that (theoretically) --- the community could change the MAJORITY of school board members in 2017. I'm not sure about what happens if Malik Evans wins a Council seat, i.e., not sure if he gets to choose the individual who will finish out his remaining, two-year term, or if there would be a special election. I assume it's the former --- rather than the latter. In any case, this IS important news (at least potentially).

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 02/12/2017 at 3:28 PM

Re: “Rochester's four-year graduation rate still below 50 percent…

"Just 47.5 percent of students here graduate within four years - that's the lowest rate in all of New York."

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 02/10/2017 at 3:25 PM

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