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Re: “Rochester deputy mayor charged with DWI

As some of you have do doubt noticed, I have not been a fan of Lovely Warren, but I think that she is doing the right thing in this instance, given all the factors involved. Leonard Redon is not just a valued member of her administration, he is a highly regarded public servant who brings intelligence, fairness and hard work to his position as Deputy Mayor, a fact that is underscored by his continued appointment over two administrations. Deputy Mayors function largely in the background, steering the day-to-day operations forward, so perhaps his low profile is a real detriment to him at a time like this. Did he have a lapse of judgement if the charges bear out? Yes, he did. But he has no history of anything like this over many decades of a professional life. We should be patient and let this one work itself out a bit.

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Posted by Larry Champoux on 03/21/2014 at 6:33 PM

Re: “Our anonymous comments

BDG, I don't disapprove of private people, but you are not really being private. You are commenting in a public arena. If you want to be private, stay private. I suspect that what some anonymous commenters want in fact is to take no responsibility for their comments.

And there are other options for you. You can start an anonymous blog. You can go to craigslist or some other similar site. You can express your opinions in your private circle of friends. Or send your comments to whatever politicians you think should hear them. But don't pretend that you are being private when all who read City News online can see your comments. That is public.

(Democracy has several corners upon which stones must be laid.)

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Posted by Larry Champoux on 03/20/2014 at 1:47 PM

Re: “Our anonymous comments

There are two main reasons why I dislike this anonymity:

Political: The growing anonymity and secrecy in American culture is dangerous for democracy, whether it is City’s online comments or large anonymous PACS funded by contributions from anonymous uber-wealthy conservatives or secret surveillance of American’s online habits. The overall impact of this secrecy is to increase a culture of fear, and of the need to remain anonymous. Our democracy is dependent on the power of individuals to stand openly before other individuals to say, “This is what I believe. What do you believe?” But now we see this anonymity creeping into the realm of government via Patty Malgieri’s alleged involvement in some creepy mailings. Is it wrong for her, but not wrong for us? What kind of America and government do we want?

Personal: Look, I approach this as an openly gay man, who in the very distant past decided to connect my name and my face to the most personal aspects of my soul and being, despite whatever hatred awaited me. And I have discovered, as have so many of my friends, that this disclosure is a life-affirming and spiritually positive decision with unanticipated rewards and recognitions. And that courageous collective action of so many in my community is transforming our society for the better. So why would I want to be anonymous now, when disclosure has done so much good for me and for my community?

Anonymous posters: I suggest you look inside and break out of your own closets, constructed of whatever fears you have assembled there and participate fully in our open American society that is so critical for us to protect.

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Posted by Larry Champoux on 03/20/2014 at 11:51 AM

Re: “The real solution to Rochester's poverty

I also agree that City Newspaper does a disservice to its readership by posting anonymous comments.

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Posted by Larry Champoux on 02/28/2014 at 11:45 AM

Re: “The district's 'Who done it?'

This is disturbing, Tim. But is it really any different than the anonymity of City Newspaper's comments sections? Do you doubt that public officials and government employees anonymously do pretty much the same thing right here? And does City Newspaper accept anonymous tips? Certainly Gannet does. If you do, aren't you encouraging this? So... I don't like that this happened. It is gross and amateurish and unprofessional. But for City Newspaper to be wringing its hands and tsk-tsking the Malgieris and Vargas and the Board, is a bit hard to believe. Stop accepting anonymous comments if you do not like this behavior.

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Posted by Larry Champoux on 02/12/2014 at 12:47 PM

Re: “[UPDATED] Warren's rough honeymoon

When Warren was campaigning, neighborhood revitalization and neighborhood-based economic development was a major theme. But now in this interview she says all that means is that she will plant a few trees, tear down a few houses and slap a coat of paint on some exteriors. This is already being done. Where is her grand plan for the neighborhoods? This is NOT what she campaigned on and it sounds now like she is thoroughly backtracking on the promises she made to the residents of our city. This promise to the neighborhoods was something I was actually hopeful to see proceed forward vigorously. Something is amiss here and I wish that City News had dug deeper.

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Posted by Larry Champoux on 02/05/2014 at 9:41 AM

Re: “Principals may take vote of no confidence against Vargas

Buffalo Business First magazine has rated the academic performances of 429 public school districts in Upstate New York, based on four years of test data from the New York State Education Dep't. Rochester is dead last with Syracuse, Buffalo and Albany 2nd, 3rd, and 4th worst. This is a statewide problem with Cuomo, Gantt and other state wide politicians perfectly happy to have segments in our local districts argue with each other, so that the blame is not properly placed on their Sate Capitol doorstep. So argue away you immature Principals, piss on each other Teachers and Parents, steal as much salary as you can Administration. That is just way Albany needs it be.

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Posted by Larry Champoux on 01/16/2014 at 9:25 AM

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