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Re: “Earth Eve Climate March Forward

#RochesterNY, don’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate your love of Mother Earth at the #EarthEveMarch 4/21/2016 ‪#‎EarthDayRocs

Posted by Frank J. Regan on 04/15/2016 at 7:57 AM

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Re: “Rochester plans local action on climate

As a point of clarification: I purposely phrased my comment science should not have degenerated into politics. The science of Climate Change, which is the same science behind gravity, has become in many peoples mind something less than the other sciences because our politics have been poisoned with ideology, fossil fuel money, and misinformation.

This is a tragedy because we cannot plan for our future if we dont respect science and the scientific method. The United States is becoming alone in its disrespect for the moral and physical threats to our collective existence that come with not addressing Climate Change.

Thankfully, Rochester may stand out as a leader in planning adequately and justly for warmer climateeven if the Trump administration drags its feet on the most important issue of our age.

"Cities must take a leading role in confronting climate change regardless of federal policy," Warren said. "I have no doubt this is what our citizens expect of us and will allow us to lead by example on this critical issue." (from City aims to fight climate change, November 21, 2016, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle)

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 11/29/2016 at 4:38 PM

Re: “Rochester plans local action on climate

This article captures the importance of Rochesters Climate Action Plan (CAP) at a critical time. Although the Citys Climate Action Plan has been a long time coming, its arriving when the Trump presidency threatens to bully us and the rest of the world with the Denier-In Chiefs anti-sustainable machinations. The Trump threat to pull the United States out of the recently adopted Paris Agreement not only puts everyones future at risk, it threatens our countrys credibility and legacy of leadership on world issues.

The Citys CAP is no substitute for the Paris Agreement, but it is a demonstration that communities like Rochester appreciate the urgency and importance of addressing Climate Change locally. Further, a local CAP provides a blueprint for adapting to Climate Change, as adapting to the extreme weather, heat, and flooding that will increase in our region is an absolute necessityregardless of what side of the political isle you are on the science of Climate Change. (I know, this sounds strange because science should not have degenerated into politics.)

Also, worked into the Citys CAP and many other communitys climate action plans are the needs of businesses. Businesses need a healthy environment to operate in. Which is to say, predictability: clean water, clean air, and uniform regulations. A template like the Citys CAP also provides the local media with a realistic framework from which to report and put into context the consequences we are already experiencing from this worldwide crisis.

Many of those communities already challenged by job shortages, transportation issues, public health concerns, food availability, and security issues will find the CAP a very useful vehicle to leverage their apprehensions about a sustainable future.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 11/23/2016 at 12:23 PM

Re: “Charge up and go

Bill, one of the leaders over at Rochester Peoples Climate Coalition (RPCC), definitely walks the walk on energy issues and Climate Change. Bravo!

More on Rochester Peoples Climate Coalition here:

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 10/26/2016 at 8:24 AM

Re: “It's Bronson, hands down

Although only given brief mention (“They agree that climate change is a problem that the state should act on.”) Climate Change is a major factor in all our elections. It is our government officials who must plan and protect the public health and ready our aging infrastructure on a rapidly warming planet.

Not only our states but Rochester and Monroe County must act on Climate Change. They can do so by educating the public on the specific Climate Change challenges to our region—more flooding, more droughts, more heatwaves, more tropical diseases, and the inevitability of more public funds to address extreme weather consequences.

We are at an amazing point in our human history, where our generation is facing the twilight of our opportunities to plan properly for the worst consequences of Climate Change. Yet, we still have to suffer the opinions of politicians who dismiss Climate Change.

More examination of those political candidates who would address Climate Change and how they would do so would be good. Less exhibiting of those political candidates who dismiss science would be nice.

Challenging those politicians by the media who still dismiss the world crisis of Climate Change would offer up a spectacle for the public which would reveal the pathetic poverty of responsibility for those we entrust our future.

More on Climate Change in our area:…

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 09/05/2016 at 8:11 AM

Re: “Ginna owner taking over additional Upstate nuclear plant

The public should be concerned about aging nuclear power plants that are ‘struggling’ financially and operating with safety issues. If our energy future must have nuclear power that does not mean that we should keep aging, unsafe power plants going. These are two different issues.

Proponents of the need for nuclear power to address Climate Change should distinguish keeping aging nuclear power plants separate from new generation nuclear (which can reuse spend nuclear materials) and small nuclear power operations (which can be built for less money and provide backup for renewable energy like wind and solar).

It would be helpful to the public and our ability to plan for the future if our media investigated how safe aging nuclear power plants are when these local nuclear power plants are struggling financially and continually having safety issues. And keep that issue separate from next generation nuclear power.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 08/11/2016 at 8:27 AM

Re: “Great Lakes contain flame retardants

To toxic flame retardants in our Great Lakes we can add pharmaceuticals, plastic bits, human waste (from periodic sewer overflows), invasive species, pesticides, and much more. We will go into Climate Change with the environment we have and the Great Lakes, which will be incredibly vital to our ability to adapt to Climate Change, must be restored to the healthiest state possible.

Read: Restoring the Great Lakes - Success Stories from the 2014 Field Season… from the US. Fish and Wildlife Service.

More on the Great Lakes in our area:…

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 08/03/2016 at 7:28 AM

Re: “Bike share hits smaller metros

Cool so see many folks riding bike share bikes in Philly during #CleanEnergyMarch on Sunday. #biketheroc and bike shares will look good on Rochester too.

More on Transportation in our area:…

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 07/27/2016 at 7:55 AM

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