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Re: “Henrietta Dems resurrected

" When then Henrietta Supervisor Mike Yudelson announced last year that he was switching from Republican to Democrat, it was a big deal. As the town's top elected leader and, before that, a longtime Town Board member, Yudelson was an important "get" for the Dems ".

I like Mike too and I believe him to have good intentions. Yet the HDC is not telling the entire story in Henrietta and about the HDC. 2015 will be an interesting election in local, Henrietta Govt' indeed. SO with that said...if the new Town Leader, Simone and the new Chairman do not choose to tell readers the entire story that is their choice. However , I thought that open, transparent Govt' would be part of the upcoming campaign ? Already the HDC is misleading folks by not telling the entire story.

Craig Robert will see, in Henrietta, more of my name and my ideas for Henrietta, NY after Jan., 1st, 2015.

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Posted by crm135790 on 12/11/2014 at 8:05 PM

Re: “Everything we have on the Ferguson grand jury decision

If people are so dissatisfied with the police of this community then get out and off your butts to vote for new, city council members and a new mayor as well as a new district attorney in 2015. Why was it that in 2014 voters of Caucasian decent outnumbered all other races : Black, Cuban, Dominican at the polls ? Ferguson is 67% black but more whites voted than any other race. If....after all that has happened in Ferguson and beyond black voters do not come out to the polls and outnumber voters 2 or 3 to one then this will tell me that rioting, burning, looting are more important than voting.

If folks want change then do it at the polls in a legal manner and present your case to the new Mayor and City Council that appoint the Chief of Police. In Rochester, by the way, the Police Chief is appointed by City Council and the Police force works for the Mayor. There is a union that intercedes on behalf of Rank and File Patrolmen.

Get it right at least once Ferguson...go vote and make the changes happen if things are so bad; develop neighbor hood organizations; elect judges that will apply proper sentencing; help the police and develop relationships that are constructive so you businesses succeed and so that your neighborhoods are safe. Nothing is perfect but this would be a good start. Make sure that African American Police Officers are hired and rise to the ranks of policy control. But then again...who wants to be murdered for a salary or $45,000 a year.

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Posted by crm135790 on 12/01/2014 at 9:14 AM

Re: “Everything we have on the Ferguson grand jury decision

The testimony was from 5 African American folks that were at the scene. Those five people did not know the officer's testimony... yet confirmed his account of the young man's actions. Case closed, guilty. Move on Ferguson and Sharpton to more lies to build your cause of racial division in Rochester and beyond.

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Posted by crm135790 on 11/30/2014 at 3:15 PM

Re: “Everything we have on the Ferguson grand jury decision


" FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The white police officer who killed Michael Brown has resigned from the Ferguson Police Department, his attorney said Saturday, nearly four months after the fatal confrontation with the black 18-year-old that fueled protests in the St. Louis suburb and across the nation.

Darren Wilson, 28, has been on administrative leave since the shooting on Aug. 9. His resignation was announced Saturday by one of his attorneys, Neil Bruntrager. The resignation is effective immediately, Bruntrager said. He declined further immediate comment but said he would release more details Saturday night.

A grand jury spent more than three months reviewing evidence in the case before declining in November to issue any charges against Wilson. He told jurors that he feared for his life when Brown hit him and reached for his gun.

The news of Wilson's resignation didn't seem to appease a small group of protesters who stood outside of the Ferguson police department on Saturday night.

"I've been protesting out here since August," said Rick Campbell, who added that he didn't care that Wilson had resigned.

Several other protesters who were asked to comment shrugged their shoulders or expressed disinterest".

"We were not after Wilson's job," civil rights activist the Rev. Al Sharpton said in a statement to AP. "We were after Michael Brown's justice."


Yet...the behavior of one young man has taken his own life. As well, this young man's behavior has ruined the life of a policeman in the Ferguson Police Dept. as well as the officer's family. But the most tragic, this young man has ruined the lives of his own family too because he could not follow the law and a policeman's orders.

Everyone may have suffered from this terrible, tragic event. It will continue in the nation because people do not follow the law and the orders of a policeman. I don't know about Al Sharpton but I see no justice for anyone. Maybe there is still hope for young people to live law abiding, moral lives regardless of color or race. I will pray... that is all that is left for me to contribute to the matter.

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Posted by crm135790 on 11/29/2014 at 9:29 PM

Re: “Everything we have on the Ferguson grand jury decision

The Police Officer made the correct decision as bound by law and to protect his own life. A Video buying cigars ... bull crap. I am sure Ferguson Police will be getting body cameras soon so that this very tragic event will not happen again in the way it did happen.

My prayers to the Police Dept., ; the City : the people; and, the families of both parties directly involved. Case closed... now, let us find a way to make things peaceful through dialog in Ferguson and the entire Nation without looting, rioting, killing, and burning.

Craig R. Moffitt

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Posted by crm135790 on 11/29/2014 at 8:33 AM

Re: “When lightning strikes

Bravo to all in Rochester for your hard work and artistic photographic talents shared with our community. Try to find the time to give the Regional and Local Bands some attention and take some more photos. As you know...there is a huge, depth of talent in the area. We are the ground breakers in new music but have few outlets to perform in and to get paid fairly to do it. Kind of like being a photographer in Rochester...

An old geezer from Mic and the Anglos ( Craig R. Moffitt 1981- 1987 )

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Posted by crm135790 on 11/27/2014 at 12:23 PM

Re: “City schools' suspensions challenged

I LIKE WHAT KAMAKAZZE HAD TO SAY ABOUT HOW TO FIX THE RCSD... I hope the board ( VAN WHITE ) and the Supt. read this...this is a way to make it work. Stick with this plan for 10 years with no deviations.

1. Break up the district. Make it competitive.

2. Make the folks at the top accountable in the same way as teachers are made to be accountable.

3. Explore and commit to alternative programs/schools. All city was a success. The district and the board didn't get any data to see how much of a success it was. I cannot understand how the RCSD who is at the bottom in the state - and no one thought to get data from this program?! Staff who worked there knew about the success.

4. Utilize BOCES.

5. Hire reading teachers who are familiar with helping older students learn how to read. If you have to cut the already over bloated staff at central office to do this...then do it. It should be against the law that a child gets to 9th grade and can't read. This one emotes such a passion in me I can barely contain it. My thinking is this: if we can't afford to supply our schools with resources that work in teaching all of our children literacy, we can't afford a school board, secretaries that make $75 k a year, a director in charge of RCSD discipline (seriously where are you), an AA studies program ( MIA as well), I can go on, and on. OUR KIDS MUST BOOST THEIR READING LEVELS TO SUCCEED AND GRADUATE ON TIME.

6. Higher ups really need to visit the schools more often. Not knowing what is going on is a luxury the RCSD cannot afford. I would love to see the Dep. superintendent work as a building substitute for a month, along with Vargas and other important leaders who make very serious decisions.

I'm sure I'll be kicking myself tomorrow because I forgot one or two. Enjoy your holiday!

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Posted by crm135790 on 11/27/2014 at 8:50 AM

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