"Dirty Dozen: The Outlaw Printmakers"

"Dirty Dozen: The Outlaw Printmakers"

Crass cuts
Though traditional methods of printmaking are arguably outdated forms of creating and mass-producing images, the medium has remained a fresh art form through subject matter and use, and is found everywhere from cottage-industry t-shirt printing, to concert posters, to fine art editions. The current exhibition at Rochester Contemporary Art Center brings together the diverse work of several members of The Outlaw Printmakers, a collective of artists and savvy entrepreneurs who blend incredible skill at traditional techniques with of-the-moment sensibilities and subject matter.

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Exhibit Review: Dual Matisse exhibitions at Memorial Art Gallery

Learning curves
When we come to admire an artist's work, what we see is the expert representation of form and gesture, the elegant depiction of balance, and the rich tones carefully chosen to lead our emotions here and there. What is hidden from us are the long, laborious hours and obsessive repetition required for achieving the necessary muscle-memory, and the blood, sweat, crushing doubt, and stubborn dissatisfaction that accompany a person's resolve to master one medium, or many.

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Exhibit Review: "Suspended Arrangements" at Genesee Center

Dimensional dynamics
As complex and flavorful as our terrestrial world is, the sum of it is made up of surprisingly few components, pieced together in endless possible ways. The further we reduce our focus in scale, the less diverse our group of building blocks becomes, with the occasional scientific surprise that makes us reconsider everything.

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"Insight: The Inner Nature of Things"

Get thy bearings
Though each of us may know we are not the center of the universe, we cannot shake the fact that we experience this world in terms of how everything relates to the self. This whirling, messy, and perfect dance of (hopefully) ever-increasing awareness and growth is explored in "Insight, The Inner Nature of Things," an exhibition of new sculptural work by Mahine Rattonsey, Francesca Lalanne, Kate Roberts, and Jennifer Schinzing.

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