Glass class

Glass class

Corning Museum of Glass
The Corning Museum of Glass opened its new Contemporary Art + Design Wing to the public on Friday, March 20. Following remarks and a ribbon cutting, those in attendance were released to explore the bright and airy space, which adds 26,000 square feet of exhibition area as well as a 500-seat live glass demonstration facility to the museum.

Lose thy bearings

Denton Crawford's savage sanctuaries
Denton Crawford's work finds a playground in the tension between the impossibility of utopia and our everlasting striving toward it. His current solo show, "You're Not Here," which closes tonight at Joy Gallery (498 West Main Street), includes older mixed media paintings and drawings, as well as new installations.

Foregrounding artifice

"History: Photographs by David Levinthal"
Much like photography, accounts of the past have a tendency to project a sense of authority. We may absorb each as bare fact, instead of what it really is: an account, a version, a distortion through an individual or cultural lens.

The writings on the wall

When it comes to graffiti and street art, policy and public opinion vary drastically
When WALL\THERAPY and related events started about four years ago, Rochester joined the ranks of cities who have officially embraced the street art movement. Generally, the more than 70 murals that have been created since the project began have received positive responses from the public, but there have been a couple of hiccups.

Theater of the wild

"Glass Mountains Work-in-Progress" by Sean McFarland
You could spend your life in pursuit of genuine wilderness, without the promise that you'll ever actually experience it. The buffer between humans and the rest of the natural world is, if incomplete, fairly ubiquitous, even when we don't detect it at first.

Compressed expansiveness

Four decades of work by ceramic artist Wayne Higby are represented in the Memorial Art Gallery's show, "Infinite Place," and honestly, there's not a thing he's done that I didn't feel all swoony about. The exhibition begins with a trio of examples from Higby's early work, created in the late 1960's, and inspired by world travels.

"Da Vinci — The Genius"

Genius on display
Humble beginnings don't predict all there is to a life. Leonardo da Vinci was born out of wedlock to a peasant woman and a respected notary, but due to a precocious talent that exposed him to the movers and shakers of the day, he would go on to became one of the most celebrated figures of the Italian Renaissance — and influence the thinking in many fields of learning.

Metamorphic metaphor

"The Next: A Studio Glass Movement Continuum"
The production of glass has shaped and sharpened human senses throughout history. Glass lenses have allowed us both to correct vision and glimpse the unfathomable depths of the universe.

Fierce and found

Gruntwerk by Alyssa Radwick
"Gruntwerk was just always a term that stuck out in my head, even as a kid," Alyssa Radwick says about the name she chose for her small jewelry business. "I love the phrase — 'Doin' the grunt work.'"

Art shows closing soon

Can't wait until First Friday for your art fix? Here's a little peek at a duo of shows worth seeing this week.

It had to be hue

"In Glorious Technicolor" and "Aura Satz: Eyelids Leaking Light"
The ubiquitous phrase "In Technicolor" was present throughout my youth on title cards at the beginning of favorite films, from the transporting "Wizard of Oz" to Disney's animated hit, "Dumbo." A fascinating new exhibit at Eastman House explores the history, technology, and artistry of Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation at its hundredth anniversary.


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