METAL | Lord Dying

METAL | Lord Dying

It's easy to get carried away with sludge metal. Worshippers at the altar of the riff often find themselves poised at one of two extremes: playing 20-plus minute feedback-laden dirges to half-catatonic audiences or essentially becoming a loud blues-rock band.

CLASSICAL | The James Brothers

Toronto-born brothers flutist Chris James, and Aaron James, pianist and organist, have gone their separate but successful musical ways. Still they occasionally reunite for duo performances, which this summer takes the form of an Upstate New York tour.

VARIOUS | Harmony Festival

The rise of "fest culture" in the world of underground music is a particularly divisive topic. While music festivals allow tons of kids to watch all of their favorite bands in one convenient location, it can be hard for local scenes to compete with the massive bills these fests boast.

HONKY-TONK | Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue

Don't know about you, but the word "honky-tonk" has always meant "COUNTRY" in all caps, boots with roots, and a truly American sound routed geographically in the South for the most part. Exhibit A your honor; New Orleans' Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue.

PUNK ROCK | Sexy Teenagers

I've only seen Rochester-based band Sexy Teenagers once, so I felt it necessary to check for a few details in the Googlesphere. Definitely modify your search some and specify "Rochester band."

JAZZ | Mike Titlebaum's Music Because Music

Titles like "Schmeezlemop" and "The Sordid Tale of Glinkleglorp and Alisha" give you some idea of the unusual music journey offered by Mike Titlebaum's Music Because Music. Titlebaum, who is director of jazz studies at Ithaca College, earned his degrees at the Eastman School of Music.

ROCK | Collective Soul

If fans were afraid that Ed Roland's Sweet Tea Project would mark his departure from Collective Soul, they needn't be. The band is still tearing up the highway, touring with the Goo Goo Dolls this summer.

CLASSICAL/JAZZ | Jennifer Bellor

If you want to hear the gorgeously ethereal music of Jennifer Bellor, I'd suggest going to the intersection of classical music and jazz. Bellor, a formidable soprano, earned her Ph.D. in music composition at the Eastman School of Music in 2013, and since then, she's been performing internationally and winning major awards.

LO-FI ROOTS ROCK | Grey Watson

This is flat out nasty, good, and trashy. There's a cat responsible for this chaos swimming in the lo-fidelity and funky back beat.

JAM | Elephant Wrecking Ball

More like a wrecking crew ... this is the sound of controlled, booty-shakin' weightlessness. At Elephant Wrecking Ball's core is the solid drum and bass component.

ROCK | Sianvar

Guitarist Will Swan and his main band, post-hardcore whiz kids Dance Gavin Dance, are known for musical talent far beyond most bands in their genre. Sianvar is another Swan project, and you'll get a whole new set of vibes from this one.

FOLK | Old-Time Fiddlers' Fair

The fiddlers will not be on the roofs this weekend at Genesee Country Village and Museum, but they will be everywhere else on the grounds, joined by other musicians playing dulcimers, harps, guitars, and other stringed instruments. The GCVM's traditional Old-Time Fiddlers' Fair takes place all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

SPECIAL EVENT | An Evening of Southwest Music

Native American traditions meet new expressions in a cultural concert of Southwestern music and dance, taking place Wednesday evening at Ganondagan's Seneca Art and Culture Center. The award-winning duo of singer and flutist Shelley Morningsong and her husband, dancer and storyteller Fabian Fontenelle, will present a tapestry of songs, dances, and stories of a Zuni "Spirit World."

FESTIVAL | The Purple Pig Festival

Joseph Schenk purchased Odd Fellows Farm, just outside of Naples, a few years ago with the intent to create a music venue (and events space) in the hills of the Finger Lakes region, and launched The Purple Pig Festival as the farm's annual event. The festival — named after a wild bar once located in South Bristol — is now in its fifth year, and will host three days of music across three stages.

JAZZ | The Rita Collective with Maury Rosenberg

Maury Rosenberg is best known locally for his exuberant accordion playing and vocals in Hypnotic Clambake, but that's not all he's done. Rosenberg has performed with Yo-Yo Ma, his tunes have been produced by David Lindley, and his keyboard performances with the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra were included in Woody Allen's "Deconstructing Harry."

ROCK | Friday in America

This band jams but doesn't bore us waiting for the chorus. It's front man Fran Broderick's distinct voice that helps the band hold its edge as it delves into multiple vintage and contemporary studies to get your ass in gear.


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