It ain't necessarily soul, but Jason Isbell is a for-sure soul singer. He writes with an inward wonderment turned inside out.


I've liked this cat since he was a Push Star and always dug the acoustic strum attack on his electric guitar. Chris Trapper is all about the song, not its trappings.

ROCK | The Furies

Five-piece, all-female rock band The Furies self-describe as "defiance, catharsis, quirk" — and this seems perfectly put. Rock guitars give weighted body, while snare and hi-hat give texture and groove to a beautiful vocal-forward sound with lush harmonies.

CLASSICAL | RPO performs Sibelius and Dvorak

The classical music world loves its anniversaries. Last year's big one was Richard Strauss' 150th.

AMERICANA | Gurf Morlix

Gurf Morlix has a long storied road in music. Though born just outside Buffalo, Morlix spent most of his life between Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, California, wearing a few different music hats.

METAL | Today is the Day

Today is the Day is a hefty head trip. The Maine-based band has been the central project for vocalist and guitarist Steve Austin — also known for producing Lamb of God and Converge — creating dark, swirling imagery through heavy, progressive noise metal since the early 90's.

ROCK | Meg Myers

Meg Myers is raw, visceral alt-rock. There's an angst, a ferocity, and a delicate femininity somehow all wrapped up in her songs.

ROCK | The Caulfield Cult

  Singapore-based band The Caulfield Cult is a hard-working bunch.

FOLK | Steve Katz

He was in two of the greatest bands of the 1960's and he's got plenty of stories to tell about it. After forging a reputation with The Blues Project, guitarist Steve Katz was a founding member of Blood, Sweat & Tears.

CLASSICAL | "Fanny in May"

Pianist Diane Walsh, violinist David Brickman, and cellist Stefan Reuss — a trio that hasn't performed together for First Muse since 2013 — will close out First Muse's 2015 season with a warm welcome to spring. "Fanny in May" will feature Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel's "Piano Trio," a world premiere of Mark Harris's "Romance for Violin and Piano" — which Harris wrote for Brickman — Debussy's "Sonata for Cello and Piano," and Brahms' sweetly romantic "B-major Piano Trio."

METAL | Hatebreed

Hatebreed is throwing a show in June for its 20th anniversary — a milestone that's almost unheard of for most bands — in its hometown of New Haven, Connecticut. The band helped define the metalcore subgenre in the late 90's, and across the six studio albums it's pummeled out, has fine-tuned that hardcore aggression and thrash energy.


Like Eddie Cochran said: "She's somethin' else." Singer-songwriter and bassist, Amy LaVere has been produced by Jim Dickinson (who produced The Replacements' "Pleased To Meet Me," among a billion others), worked at the rock 'n' roll Mecca, Memphis's Sun Studios, slaps the doghouse bass as if it just pinched her ass, and has broken my heart at least three times.

POP | Grey Light

Grey Light strikes me as an experimental band that got it right with the first try. At the top of the list of compelling, undeniable qualities are Alicia Ault's vocals as they float bell-like in the bands well-rooted ether.

ROCK | Chevelle

If it weren't for the heavy riffs and proficiency, you could call Chevelle a boy band. Granted there's no choreography and blow dried pompadours, but they are a good looking trio, nonetheless.

ROCK | Psychedelic Furs

Too suave to be punk, too cool to be new wave, The Psychedelic Furs were one of the many bands that fell in the cracks. In fact, with its punk aggression, 1977 London birthdate, and new wave associates it would make sense to say the Furs made the cracks.

SPECIAL | Girls Rock! Cover Show

Girls Rock! Rochester, the rad local non-profit organization that empowers young girls through music, is having its annual cover show benefit.


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