Help to pay your way

A quick guide to financial aid options
Part-time or full-time, paying for school is often times the hardest part of going back

Classes from A to Z: 26 ways to learn

A is for...Animation Animatus Studio offers a beginner-level 3D animation course using the Lightwave 3D Discovery Edition animation, a program used in both TV and the movies.

The best investment

A photographer-turned-financial planner explains why going back to college was the right move for him When you were younger and had fewer responsibilities there was a sure-fire remedy for job dissatisfaction: quit and go work at a different record store.

Continuing Education 2006

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Lesson plan

Why not learn something new?
Some of life's lessons just happen by accident. Others you have to seek out.

Staying alive

Learn how to build shelter, fire, and find the tastiest tree bark
When Paul Gardner takes three-day weekends in the summer he travels light. He wraps a small pouch around his waist to go camping in the mountains of Naples or the Adirondacks.

Pay a little, get a lot

Greece Community Education is worth going west for
Okay, hands up all you people who don't venture west of the Genesee. You might be surprised learn there's more to the Greece Central School District than acrimonious school board meetings and a well-orchestrated Presidential visit.

Fond memories of a big yellow bus

Fall is such a funny, nostalgic time. Even those of us who don't particularly miss our school days can still fall susceptible to the classic fall-time itch: the one that makes you want to fill a backpack with new pencils and notebooks and go wait for the school bus.

Spanish without the bull

At first I thought he had a little something on the side. My husband would lie in the hammock, book open on his chest, murmuring and smiling to himself.

Sit on the other side of the desk

It has been said that the best way to learn is to teach. What exactly will you learn: about the subject at hand, about the learning process, about yourself?

Go learn your lesson

If America is the Invisible University, Rochester is surely one of the institution's biggest colleges. Look hard enough and you can probably find a course in nearly any imaginable subject, night or day.

Coursus interruptus

In a world where everyone is an expert at something, my lack of expertise in any one area is a problem. I'm surrounded by professionals: doctors, educators, curators, software gurus.


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