Fools = gold

Fools = gold

How an empathetic anarchist comedian is changing the world
The archetype of the fool is a complicated one, but we can learn a thing or two about the value of clowns from Shakespeare and rodeos. And apparently, from Iceland.

Swapping stories

A discussion with author Boris Fishman
Writers & Books this week will present a series of events with debut novelist Boris Fishman, whose critically-acclaimed, witty and moving novel, "A Replacement Life" draws on his own life experiences as an immigrant from the former USSR, and a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor. The grandmother of Fishman's young protagonist, Slava Gelman, has just died, taking her secreted stories of surviving the Minsk Ghetto with her.

Fast talk

Comedian Tom Arnold spouts about fatherhood and Sin City, but wouldn't tell us his Steven Seagal stories.

Not with a bang but a whimper

"The Age of Miracles" by Karen Thompson Walker
While the daily dramas of our lives take center stage, it's easy to take certain big things for granted, like the qualities that make Earth a "Goldilocks" situation for life as we understand it. In her debut novel, "Age of Miracles," Karen Thompson Walker paints an intimate picture of humanity trudging through a great and unstoppable planetary shift, with an unpredictable future.


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