Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

When Peter Griffin announced on "Family Guy" that Guster is the sweetest band of all time, those weren't empty words. Guster — Ryan Miller, vocals and guitar; Adam Gardner, vocals and guitar; Brian Rosenworcel, drums and percussion; and multi-instrumentalist Luke Reynolds — makes music that appeals to the masses.

Guided by Veluxe

If Rochester can be viewed as a microcosm of music happening on a grander scale, then you can easily define its own Veluxe. The band emerged in the early aughts as an answer to the previous decade's slick, big rock bloat.

Breaking boxes

Depending on who you ask — or when you ask the question — you'll get a variety of explanations of what the Sound ExChange Project really is: A local contemporary classical ensemble; a chamber group; an artist collective; composers; curators; educators; community-investors.

Unchained melodies

Secret Keeper: Mary Halvorson and Stephan Crump
At the age of 11, Mary Halvorson was growing in Boston and studying violin. It was the early 1990's but Halvorson and her friends were enamored of music from the late-1960's, groups like The Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead.

The better to hear you with

Kaylin Cervini
The music on singer-songwriter Kaylin Cervini's new EP, "Breadcrumbs," floats on the healing end of hurt. Hurt from a tragic loss (that served as the kick start to her career) and whatever hurt her audience learns to confront by this young lady's fearless example.

Dark Nemesis rising

Eddie Nebula is still angry after all these years
Though he generally comes off as a happy guy, for the last two decades or so, Rochester musician Eddie Nebula has spewed buckets of beautifully biographical vitriol. Wearing his bleeding black heart on his sleeve, Nebula has accosted the anger head on with punk energy, metal speed, and the jaded insight of a young man who has been angry for a while.

Long way around

Nathan Willett doesn't take success for granted. In music, the obstacles facing a band are understandably difficult no matter the noble intentions beginners may hold.

Foxy Laddies

Though the band is up and running in high gear, Rochester cool, rhythm and blues sensation, The Fox Sisters still has a little of that new band smell wafting in there with the Aqua Velva and sweat. The band has now horned up the ranks with a little hard-hitting brass atop the bruising rhythm section.

Better red than dead

Once you get past the iron curtain shuck and jive, Igor and the Red Elvises will rock your world. Mixing everything from surf to polka and traditional Russian folk into its party-gone-out-of-bounds cocktail, the band goes way beyond your textbook kegger soundtrack.

Who catches what

There's no mistake. You can distinctly hear Fran Broderick in all of his projects: the casual gravel and grind of his voice, his broad, chunky attack on the acoustic guitar, and lyrics that swing from the personally bittersweet to the flat-out hysterical.

Lo-fi guy

An interview with Overhand Sam
Sam Snyder is just as thoughtful and curious as his music. He's widely known in Rochester for his overhand style of guitar-playing as well as for his multi-instrumental capacities and involvement in various bands — including Thunder Body and Maybird.


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