Family ties

Family ties

There was a time in the mid-1970's when you could hardly turn on a radio without hearing the pop hit "Cat's In The Cradle." Singer Harry Chapin wrote the music and his wife Sandy wrote the lyrics of the quintessential song about a child and his absent father.

Kongos beat

The four-piece band Kongos has made an enormous impact on current rock and alternative radio with its hit song "Come with Me Now." The single stayed at number one on the Billboard alternative chart for five straight weeks, and is still spinning on regular rotation across the country.

Viva Metalachi!

The name brings to mind two things, yet not necessarily in the order you would think. Metalachi, doesn't take traditional mariachi music, plug it in and turn it up for maximum kerrang.

Audra McDonald

Sharing the right songs
Audra McDonald has created many memorable characters on stage — and has the awards to prove it. As a singer, McDonald's a great performer in smaller venues, but she really loves singing with symphony orchestras.

Bob Bunce

The Bob Bunce bounce
Bob Bunce's casual singing style belies the electricity coursing through the man and his music. Whether it's the country blues, bossa nova, rock, or reggae, the bearded Bunce bounces boldly nonchalant and super-cool.

Teressa Wilcox

All those self-appointed divas, overwrought soul sisters, affected caterwaulers, and auto-tuned tarts ain't got nothin' on Rochester's Teressa Wilcox. It would seem everyone who parks themselves in front of a mic with a dream in their heart and a song on their lips tries for honesty, raw emotion, and energy.

Greener Grass Band

Greener on the other side
Rochester's Greener Grass band rocks steady and rolls easy. It effortlessly blends elements of reggae, country, and blues, and swirls it into a heady blend of bonafied barroom rock 'n' roll.

The Younger Gang

Blue time and old grass
Despite its members converging from stylistically far reaching bands like Roots Collider, Blackened Blues, Sparx and Yarms, and Poetry For Thieves, The Younger Gang's focus is kept intact and nailed to its roots by the plunka-plunka plink and twang of its namesake's banjo. That's not to say the band has individually abandoned their roots or deny where they came from, but the quartet's musical tradition is both lovingly adhered to and rebelliously challenged.

Better By Morning

It'll be better by morning
An endorsement from Roy Stein, I'm telling you, it ain't no hype. The always black-clad Stein has his fingers on rock music's loud and proud pulse and in a lot of pies as a drummer, producer, engineer, teacher, sensei, consigliore, etc. So when Stein pulls on your coat about Better By Morning, a band he fell in love with and ultimately joined, you listen.


Through panther's eyes
Ocupanther is bold; a brash and brilliant example of ethereal pursuit with organic tools. Emerging from the ashes of Pia Mater, Ocupanther is guitars in space, rock 'n' roll on the dance floor — a tug-o-war that hammers your head and hits your hips.


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    • These Vatos Rock! Don't miss their shows!

    • on January 20, 2015
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