Summer Guide 2014

The Rochester area comes alive during the summer. To help get you ready, we put together a list of 100 ways to live life during the summer months.

100 Reasons to Celebrate Life

Things to do and see in Rochester all Summer long
Eat, drink, bike, run, visit, camp, and enjoy the season!

Hot summer, cool treats

5. Learn the differences between frozen desserts
Winters in Rochester may leave us shivering (especially this year), but when summers roll around, it really is beautiful here. And the warmer temps may just put you in the mood to cool off again with a frozen treat.

Same drink, different takes

12. Take a margarita tour of the city
With summer fast approaching, not only does the weather change but our cocktail cravings change with it. Gone are the days of hot apple cider and whiskey, it's time to bring on the frosty cold drinks of summer.

CITY's guide to summer festivals

20. It's festival season!
  For more details, see CITY's 2014 Festival Preview Guide.

Look to one of these summer concert series

27. Take in some live music
Looking for some live music this summer? Listed here are concert series that only come about during the summer months.

Midsummer Night's Shakespeare

33. Spend some time at the theater
Joseph Papp started it all in 1954: the first big-city, outdoor Shakespeare performances of note. The New York Shakespeare Festival grew into an essential component of a Manhattan summer and an entertainment empire in its own right, throwing off everything from CBS-TV productions of Shakespeare in the early 70's to hit Broadway musicals like "A Chorus Line" and "The Mystery of Edwin Drood."

Summer movie preview

40. Catch one of the season's flicks
Summer movie season is notorious for being a time when filmgoers are asked to turn off their brains, grab a giant tub of popcorn, and sacrifice a few precious hours spent outside in the sunlight, just so we can watch Hollywood's latest round of superhero movies, sequels and remakes. But this year, the warm weather has been an especially long time coming.

Ten things you might not know about Seabreeze

54. Dig into Seabreeze
When Seabreeze Amusement Park (4600 Culver Road, opened to the public on August 5, 1879, as the last stop on the steam railroad, its main draws were picnic groves on the lakefront. Its picturesque landscape made the location popular.

Get outta dodge

62. Road trip to a regional art gallery
With the onset of summer, the roads and routes of New York State aren't as treacherous, and the thought of making the trip to some of our more outer-regional art houses is bearable. Though CITY will provide our normal coverage of Rochester's art institutions throughout the summer, here we take a closer look at some regional spots housing some pretty remarkable art jewels and events, from big household-name artists to regional and international contemporary masters, as well as promising student work from throughout the region.

Ports of Call

84. Explore a canalside town
As you probably remember from building sugar-cube packet boats in third grade, the Erie Canal was an immensely important waterway that helped to define New York State during the 19th and 20th centuries. While the boats and barges that once used the canal as a literal artery of commerce are mostly gone — although boaters can still use the canal system — the port towns that popped up along the waterway remain.

Ideas to keep the kids entertained this summer

96. Have kids? Give them something to do
During our precious summer months, Rochester offers a plethora of rich activities for children of all ages. Be it along the various waterfronts, or in the city itself, amusements abound.


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