Cuomo and corruption, Trump and the debate

Cuomo and corruption, Trump and the debate

There’s no question that there’s a stench about Cuomo’s entire Upstate economic development program now. And about Cuomo himself.

More growth downtown? Developers keep signing on

If there’s a market for them, the developments proposed for the Inner Loop land will bring people, life, and jobs downtown.

Hillary got pneumonia. Me, too! Me, too!

There are plenty of legitimate reasons – behavioral issues, policy issues – to criticize Clinton. But being reluctant to say you have pneumonia?

A depressing campaign nears its bitter end

Americans need to find a way to heal the divisions in this diverse and bitterly divided country.

Downtown Rochester crime myths, Round 2

If you don’t feel safe anywhere unless there is absolutely no crime, then you won’t feel safe downtown – or in Gates or Greece.

The big Rochester myth about downtown crime

Downtown Rochester is safe. But the myth about its crime rate has been repeated so often that it’s now general public perception.

A modest little proposal for revitalizing downtown

Where a company has its corporate headquarters makes a statement about that company and how it views its community.

The next stages of the Sanders revolution

Bernie started a revolution, and the Democratic Party will need to enthusiastically support the progressive platform or miss out.

Electing a president of a divided nation

For the country to succeed, for American democracy to succeed, it will take all of us, not just a bare majority of voters.


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