Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"South Park" Season 15, Episode 11: Blowjobs on Broadway

Who couldn't use a little more of both?

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Nothing is sacred when it comes to South Park.

And leave it to creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to keep it that way. Anybodyworriedthat newfound Broadway fame and a stunning nine Tonys would go to their heads, can rest assured. This week the duo, with help from “Book of Mormon” composer Robert Lopez, took aim at the magical world of musicals.

It all started with Randy deciding to take Sharon to one after hearing that “Wicked” will put her in the mood for an afterwards melodic mouth treat. It turns out that the play, and all of the ones on Broadway actually, have something called subtext. Women don’t know it, but they are being bombarded by subliminal messages that they really, really want to suck some dick after each show.

Randy then takes Sharon off to New York for a weekend of musicals and dome, before realizing that if he wants blowjobs all the time all he has to do is make his own musical. Of course, the Broadway elite aren’t happy that a newcomer is trying to take his hand at the art form of subtexting women into giving blowjobs, but that wasn’t going to be enough to deter Randy.

It’s not bad parody here, given that Matt and Trey did somewhat of the same thing: Challenging the Broadway elite as newcomers. But it was a tad predictable, especially given Randy’s ol’ fashioned episode last season, that the story was mostly going to be sex-related, and the ‘bro’ jokes got a little tired.

The Broadway show parodies themselves weren’t really that funny either, with a few laughs here when the true subtext of the shows would come out. The humor relied more on situational and plot than anything else, but it just fell short of being as laugh out loud funny as last week was.

Do you think that I can get some jiggy-jiggy?
  • Do you think that I can get some jiggy-jiggy?

The side story took a little bit more of a back burner than usual, revolving around Stan and his sister, Shelly, having to deal with the vegan family in town while their parents are off oralsexcapading. Shelly falls for the boy and then those two decided to go see a musical.

The end result is Randy trying to stop the musical: Turns out he isn’t ready to allow Shelly to give her first Broadway BJ quite yet. He reveals to Sharon the true meaning of Broadway, and by the end both Randy and Sharon decide that whatever the next musical that comes to town is, they’ll go and see it, and that they are sure it will be worth the price. Cue the shameless self-promotion for the Book of Mormon (promising blowjobs after the show, if I could hear the audio overlay correctly)that brings this week to a wrap.

If “The Book of Mormon” wasn’t as awesome as I keep hearing it is, I wouldn’t let shit like that slide. But hey, who can really blame them?

By recent SP standards, this week was at least two blow jobs way up, but all in all for the show, it could have been a little more poignant. But, if this marks the low bar for this run, it’s still higher than we’ve seen the show in a while.

But, then again, maybe I just need to get out to Broadway a little more often.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"South Park" Season 15, Episode 9: No Habla Espanol

Seriously, I don't

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It seems despite the last two episodes nothing is going to change in the little mountain town of South Park.

This week we saw no mention of Stan's parents' divorce, the world being made of shit, his and Kyle's near falling out, or Jameson, for that matter.

Is it a cop out?

Yeah, pretty much. I'm disappointed that after setting up potentially big show stoppers they just dropped them completely, but, this is "South Park" we're talking about here. As long as the show can stay funny and out of the rut it found itself in the early half of the season, I'll let it slide.

And this week was a giant step in the right direction. Easily the funniest episode yet this year, it starts off with the boys playing Texans versus Mexicans, with Cartman doing everything possible to make sure that none of the dirtied and psuedo-Spanish speaking team made it across their makeshift US border line in his backyard.

Misfortunately for him, Butters got lost during the game and ends up being mistaken for a real Mexican. Picked up on the side of the road, he is soon 'adopted' into a family who, despite them letting Butters clean their windows and rake their leaves, can't figure out why Butters wants to return to his amigos.

Poor Mexican Butters.
  • Poor Mexican Butters.

Butters has long been SP gold; this time never breaking his imaginary Mexican persona and starting a resurgence in, what was it they called it? Mexican pride, that was it. A foreign concept to everyone in South Park, with the end results being all of the country's Mexicans realizing that Mexico is actually a lot better than the US is now, and a mass exodus commences.

The political commentary was spot on, as was the humor, both situational and laugh out loud. The Last of the "meehicans" was worth a chuckle, as was Butter's ability to lead the Mexican crowds any way he pleased. It wasn't his best role; it fell short of Pimp Butters, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

I was surprised that the episode didn't bring in a few more targets, and thought several times they may bring in the Occupy everything that has space to be occupied movement, but it was Mexico from the word go, taking equal shots at the American economy along the way.

What worked best in this episode though, was that it started the way most of my favorite episode do: With the boys just being normalish middle schoolers. Sure, from there the show can extrapolate as far as it needs to into the crazy and biting satirical reflections of the real world, but at its heart the show has always been about boys being boys, and it was a good episode to help recenter a focus that has been wavering. Muy bien.

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