Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Slaughter and Brooks start duking it out

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Hoo boy: We may not get much of the harsh TV ads of the presidential campaign, since Obama pretty much has a lock on New York State, but it looks like the Maggie-and-Louise campaign will make up for it.

The Slaughter campaign has released a particularly harsh TV ad called "Scandal," focusing on negative news involving the Brooks administration. Robutrad. The astonishing misdeeds of two successive airport directors. Patronage at the Water Authority. It's all there.

And then there are the several state audits, which Democrats say show that the Brooks administration funnels contracts to friends and contributors. (To which the Republicans respond that the state audits, done by a Democratic official, were pure politics.)

Brooks responded this morning, saying that the "negative mud slinging" of Slaughter's ad "says more about her failed 25-year record in Congress than anything else."

So we're off and running in this important Congressional race. And it won't get any prettier.

We could wish - and I sure do - that these two experienced, intelligent women could conduct a campaign that focused on issues, that would help voters decide based on substance. And yet….

Isn't Brooks' administrative history relevant? Isn't it fair for Brooks to focus on Slaughter's record?

As my mother used to say, it's not what you say, it's the way that you say it.

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