Friday, October 12, 2012

Biden comes through for Dems

Posted By on Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 11:42 AM

For those Democrats who needed to be juiced up again after last week's first presidential debate, Vice President Joe Biden came through for them during last night's vice-presidential debate with Republican candidate Paul Ryan.

While there will surely be some jeers about Biden's many laughs and interruptions, it was pure Biden on display. Nobody really expected anything different. And the criticisms will do little to direct attention away from Ryan's attempts to massage the facts. The two men sparred over everything from the Romney-Ryan tax plan to the Middle East and foreign policy. And whenever Ryan when into spin mode, Biden fired back, pointing out inconsistencies, fabrications, and empty rhetoric that at times it didn't even seem as though Ryan himself believed.

Case in point: abortion. When Ryan was asked about his views on women's health, he hesitated and launched into some long-winded answer about state's rights.

But one of the best moments of the debate was when Biden brought up Mitt Romney's disparaging "47 percent" remarks. An overly prepared Ryan quipped that Biden was known for saying things incorrectly, which drew some laughter. But Biden instantly returned with: "but I say what I mean."

Without calling Romney or Ryan liars, Biden reminded the public that the Romney they've been seeing lately isn't the Romney that's been campaigning for the last year. And what we all heard him say candidly on that infamous video, a Freudian slip of the tongue if you will, was the real Romney who wants to be president.

Shortly before the debate, the Ryan camp decided to release photos of him working out in the gym. It was a strange decision, but there was Ryan with baseball cap turned back and bicep flexed. Ryan, however, looked more like he was auditioning to become a Backstreet Boy rather than vice president.

There was no clear winner from last night's debate, but Biden was able to expose Ryan's style over substance with ease.

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