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  1. “The Walking Dead” Season 2, Episode 13: Great Balls of Fire

    Cheers all around: We’ve finally left the freaking farm. Of course, it took an entire horde of walkers to make it happen. Apparently one gunshot attracted all those walkers, or the herd followed them from Atlanta, but either way, a giant wave of walkers overran the farm, taking a few characters with them.

  2. "South Park" Season 15, Episode 13: Attack the stuffing mines!

    There’s usually at least one low point in every “South Park” run, and this week just didn’t do it for me.

  3. "CSI" Season 12, Episode 7: That ol' brain drain

  4. "South Park" Season 15, Episode 10: All hail Lemmiwinks

    This episode may go down as the one that restored my faith in “South Park.”

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