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Re: “Police-review leaders want change

Ted, Thanks for the acknowledgement.

18 years later --- my thoughts are as follows:

IT IS IMPORTANT THAT: "This is the first time in the history of the civilian review process that Council has used its subpoena power" (NOT BECAUSE THEY NECESSARILY WANTED TO, BUT BECAUSE --- CONSIDERING THE CIRCUMSTANCES --- THEY REALLY HAD NO CHOICE).SECONDLY, IN MY STAUNCHLY-UNEQUIVOCAL, AND INFORMED VIEW --- IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY, AND WOULD BE FISCAL IRRESPONSIBLE TO "hire the Center for Governmental Research [AND PAY THEM THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS] to study the review process." The process has literally been studied to death. We know the major problem and issue. It is as follows: "Currently, when a civilian files a complaint about the actions of a Rochester police officer, that complaint is investigated by officers in the Police Standards Section of the Rochester Police Department. The police chief then reviews the complaint and the PSS investigation and decides whether or not to uphold the complaint." IN OTHER WORDS, WE KNOW DARN WELL (WITHOUT ANY DOUBT WHAT SO EVER) THAT THE POLICE CAN NOT/WILL NOT POLICE THE POLICE. THERE IS NO EXAMPLE ANYWHERE IN THE NATION, IN WHICH THE POLICE DO A THOROUGH, OBJECTIVELY-FAIR AND UNBIASED JOB OF INVESTIGATING AND REPORTING ON THEMSELVES. IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. THE BLUE CODE/WALL OF SILENCE IS SIMPLY MUCH TOO OLD AND MUCH TOO STRONG FOR THIS TO EVER HAPPEN --- PERIOD.

With regard to studies, I am absolutely certain that any pertinent information that City Council wants or needs, is contained in the recent report developed by Enough Is Enough and the Coalition for Police Reform, and/or other MUCH OLDER REPORTS (some of which date back to at least the 1970's, if not earlier). Am I the only one who remembers the infamous "Crimi Report in 1976 --- commissioned after a [Rochester] police officer shot and killed an 18-year-old African-American woman during a family dispute?" How about the 2004 "Hargrave-Miller Report, prompted by the deaths of an African-American teenager and of four African-American men in 2001 and 2002. All five died during or shortly after contact with police officers?" The latter Report "is based on more than 100 anonymous interviews with community residents and police officers." Former Rochester Mayor "Johnson called it the most comprehensive outside look at the Police Department since the Crimi Report in 1976." HOW MANY MORE STUDIES AND REPORTS DO WE NEED??? IT'S BEYOND TIME TO ACT, AND THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT WE KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.…

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 06/20/2017 at 9:45 AM

Re: “The State of Our County: divided and complacent

An Open Letter To Ms. Mary Anna Towler

Dear Ms. Towler,
First and foremost --- your assertion that "our most serious problem [is] a poverty level that is one of the countrys worst" is NOT accurate. Instead, our most serious problem is clearly the tripartite beast and illness of individual. institutional, and structural racism (… ) --- as manifested via historical and ongoing, widespread, pervasive acceptance and systematic promotion and perpetuation of white-supremacist-based policies, practices, rules, regulations, and laws, which compose the socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and sociocultural foundation and ongoing reality, which has allowed for Rochester's "poverty level [to become] one of the countrys worst" --- along with numerous other predominantly Black and brown-populated cities throughout this thoroughly racist, white-supremacist-based nation-state (in every direction --- North, East, South, and West) --- period. This is evidenced by your own statement and assertion that "our poverty levels severity, its longevity, its urban concentration, and its impacts in education, in crime, in health problems, in economic vitality are deadly serious," and deadly racist --- again, as clearly evidenced via GROSSLY-HUGE, race-based local, regional, national, and international discrepancies and inequities in every major area of life ("education, crime, health, economic vitality," housing, employment, wealth accumulation, etc...etc...). CURRENT, OVERALL, SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, POLITICAL, AND CULTURAL REALITY AND CONDITIONS ARE NOT A MATTER OF A HUGE, LOCAL, NATIONAL, AND/OR INTERNATIONAL COINCIDENT. Instead, current overall conditions are largely a cumulative-product and outcome of past policies, practices, rules, regulations, and laws --- period, (… ) One point that I am trying hardest to impress upon you, as i have attempted in the past --- is that you will never fully understand the SYSTEMIC origins, perpetuation, and ongoing nature and/or essence of widespread, race-based, poverty, or any other "deadly serious" socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and/or sociocultural problem and issue (unless, and until you place your examination into historical context). That's just the way it is. I understand that you don't want to do this. You don't want to 'dwell on the past.' Instead, you just want to 'move on,' which is part of the problem. Please listen to Malcolm X:…
One clear indication of your not wanting to deal forthrightly with clear, ongoing residuals of the past, or perhaps just not understanding the inseparable, race-based, historical connection, is your assertion that: "Our segregation is strengthened by New York States unfortunate system of dividing us into small, separate communities: little towns and villages and hamlets, with a few cities sprinkled around. And so within Monroe County are 19 towns, nine villages, a town-village, the City of Rochester, and 18 school districts, each with their own elected governments." It is vital to understand (if you don't already) that "New York States [so-called] unfortunate system of dividing us..." did NOT just fall from the sky; grow from the ground, or roll in from the sea --- that is, it is NOT a natural phenomenon. Instead, it is the clear result of historical, well-organized, and well-financed insistence upon RACIAL SEPARATION/SEGREGATION by HUGE numbers of white folks. Thus, "New York States [so-called] unfortunate system of dividing us..." was put into place, and has been maintained and perpetuated --- in accordance with the will, and, at times, demands of the white masses --- period. There is no denying that HUGE numbers of white folks want, and always have wanted RACIAL SEGREGATION, which is why it has persisted for decades and centuries (not only within Monroe County, and throughout New York State), but within MOST of this thoroughly racist, white-supremacist-based nation-state (in every direction --- North, East, South, and West) --- period. Again, old, old, clear patterns of racial division are NOT unique to Rochester, Monroe County, nor New York State, and this is NOT just one, big, huge, coincident. Instead, it is clearly, largely a cumulative-product and outcome of POPULAR (AMONG HUGE NUMBERS OF WHITES), past, policies, practices, rules, regulations, and laws --- period. That's just the way it is, and just the way that hundreds of thousands in Monroe County, and millions in New York State, and the thoroughly racist U.S. nation-state want to keep it. Otherwise, it would change --- period.
It is very, very important for you to come to grips with the FACT that --- looking to a single, so-called "ideal leader like Dinolfo" to act as the point person relative to effectively addressing/solving the types of issues, problems, and concerns raised in your article --- is (to quote the Late Malik El Shabazz) like "expecting a chicken to produce a duck egg --- A chicken can't produce a duck egg. It has not the means nor the system within to produce a duck egg. And if a chicken was to produce a duck egg, it would be considered a revolutionary chicken." The plain truth of the matter is that people like Dinolfo just do NOT have the where-with-all (required knowledge, understanding, nor --- apparently --- concern) to provide effective leadership regarding these particular issues, which is why "she shows no sign that she sees that as her role." However, if she could humble herself, and become an active follower of those of us who are most qualified to lead --- that would (in and of itself) be a HUGE and PROFOUND contribution relative to the ongoing, anti-racist struggle. Don't get me wrong --- I am not one who labors under delusions of grandeur. Thus, I clearly understand that the odds of people like Dinolfo humbling themselves and becoming active followers of those of us who are most qualified to lead --- are about the same as the odds of a chicken laying a duck egg.
In any case --- it's past time now to move beyond old, tired, worn-out, super-liberal, super-hyper, empty rhetoric about "It will take all of us, acting together, to address that threat." IF THIS IS IN FACT THE CASE --- THEN WHAT DO YOU AND YOUR WEALTHY, SUPER-LIBERAL FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES WANT TO DO --- OTHER THAN WAITING FOR A CHICKEN TO LAY A DUCK EGG, AND WHEN???
The Struggle Continues, and 2017 IS the year of reckoning:…

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 06/04/2017 at 2:16 PM

Re: “The State of Our County: divided and complacent

Luc Du Nord ,

Stop it --- the issues raised in this article did NOT just now begin during 'this presidential election cycle," In fact, they are as old as BOTH, major, oppressor, political parties --- period.

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 06/04/2017 at 2:13 PM

Re: “The State of Our County: divided and complacent


Indeed you seem confused. Apparently, you are NOT aware of the fact that the City, County, and State already employs people to take care of "litter, overgrown grass and weeds." Are you suggesting that there ought to be provisions made to increase the number of Civil Service employees --- who will earn decent salaries, have health care benefits, career opportunities, and retirement benefits? If so, I agree.

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 06/04/2017 at 2:07 PM

Re: “City school budget nears $900 million; board approves SUNY Geneseo takeover of School 19

"Board member Willa Powell countered Elliott's criticism and argued that the board is a good steward of taxpayers' money." WHAT... WHAT???

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 05/13/2017 at 8:59 AM

Re: “Warren wins Dems’ committee votes

According to a WHEC Report, Sheppard claims that Sandra Frankel is a "progressive stalwart of [the Democrat] Party." Is what she wrote about Gloria Winston Al-Sarag indicative of her so-called "progressiveness???"

Rachel Barnhartt claims that she "looks forward to real contest ahead the contest for votes of city Democrats" --- yet, she blocks some of us from posting on her face book stats --- what am I missing???…

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 05/04/2017 at 1:18 PM

Re: “This week in the mayor's race: Friday, January 27…


1. A fallacious, unsubstantiated accusation regarding so-called "bigoted statements" is a very serious charge against a public official. And it is especially problematic --- coming from a group of Class-A hypocrites --- who have clearly demonstrated (via their race-based, unprincipled and unscrupulous, behavior during the 2013 Mayoral Election Campaign) that they are in fact the REAL BIGOTS. So, when the low-down, 'smutty-pot' has the intestinal fortitude, unmitigated gall, and raw audacity to attempt to talk about the kettle (in this particular regard) --- we (the unapologetically, pro-Black-sector of the Community and our allies) --- ought to be ready, willing and able to stand and challenge the immoral, unethical, and unprincipled, political hypocrites --- to either prove their charge, or publicly retract it --- period.

2. "Jamie Romeo, chairwoman of Monroe County Democrats, likened it to the questions and challenges that arose during the presidential primary" --- DEAD WRONG. IT IS NOT --- I REPEAT --- NOT even close to a good analogy. AS Councilman McFadden pointed out --- this is a clear situation of " Shepard working with a group of people who [are led by predominantly white folks, and are] purposefully disenfranchising black Democrats" --- period. So, if Ms. Romeo wants to establish a relevant and credible analogy --- she will necessarily have to reach back farther than the 2016 "presidential primary." If she is looking for a perfect analogy --- she needs not look any further than the activity that Mother Fannie Lou Hamer led at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, N.J. . Amazingly --- fifty three (53) years later --- some conditions are fundamentally the same. One of Mother Hamer's famous quotes is, "All of my life I have been sick and I have been tired. Now I am tired of being sick and tired." AREN'T WE???

3. Jamie Romeo was quoted as having said "there is a need for introspection, to be open and review established bylaws and practices. That is under way. The issue of residency is being discussed by party leadership, and Romeo said she expects there to be a proposal made that would address the matter. But it would not affect the current nomination process, which has already begun." THERE YOU HAVE IT --- ANOTHER CASE OF CHANGE IS ALWAYS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, BUT IT NEVER ARRIVES, AND EVEN WHEN IT DOES --- IT'S TOO LATE --- BECAUSE THE GAME WILL HAVE CHANGED. THE PATTERN IS OLD, STALE, AND COMPLETELY WORN-OUT. ALSO, AS USUAL, THE PREDOMINANTLY RACIST, WHITE MEDIA IS CLEARLY COMPLICIT. CONSIDER FOR EXAMPLE, THEY ALLOWED ROMEO TO RAMBLE ON AND ON ABOUT THE COMPOSITION OF CITY L.D. COMMITTEES, BUT NEVER ONCE HAVE THEY ASKED HER ONE OF THE MOST NATURAL AND LOGICAL QUESTIONS THAT ANY JOURNALIST WORTH HIS OR HER WEIGHT WOULD ASK, I. E., HOW MANY CITY RESIDENTS, ESPECIALLY BLACK CITY RESIDENTS ARE SITTING ON TOWN AND/OR VILLAGE COMMITTEES , AND PARTICIPATING IN CHOOSING MAYORS IN TOWNS AND VILLAGES??? RIGHT --- WE ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER --- ONCE AGAIN THE DEAN HAS IT RIGHT: : "If you can't vote for a person (in an election), then you ought not be voting them on the committee" --- PERIOD.

4. Councilman McFadden was also accused of so-called "hateful statements" and "inflaming racial divisions." When I read this, all I could do was scratch my head and ask ... WHAT???.....WHAT??? How in the heck does someone (single-handily) "inflame" a condition that has been burning-hot for decades --- literally? If anything the thoroughly hypocritical, unabashed, race-baiting, talking-heads ought to be thanking Councilman McFadden for helping to keep a lid on things.

5. "The letter called on Warren to publicly reprimand McFadden." WHAT???...WHAT??? Excuse me but these race-card-playing-hypocritical- bigots must be out of their damn minds.

6. Lastly, with regard to predominantly white, and often racist, mainstream media mentioning things like so-called "diversity of [the 25th L.D.] executive committee that includes a Latina and two black men" --- they just don't seem to get it, or don't want to get it, i.e., as Zora Neale Hurston taught us --- "All [our] skinfolk ain't kinfolk." In other words, all Black people are NOT created equal --- particularly, and especially regarding capacity for kow-towing and buck-dancing --- period.

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Posted by Howard J. Eagle on 03/23/2017 at 9:11 AM

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