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Re: “Earth Eve Climate March Forward

#RochesterNY, don’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate your love of Mother Earth at the #EarthEveMarch 4/21/2016 ‪#‎EarthDayRocs

Posted by Frank J. Regan on 04/15/2016 at 7:57 AM

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Re: “Seeking to change the climate on carbon

We definitely have to get our planets temperature down quickly and a carbon fee makes economic, ethical, and physical sense. Efforts by Citizens' Climate Lobby, both locally and nationally, to put a laser focus on this strategy are freaking amazing.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 06/28/2017 at 8:00 AM

Re: “The water will win

This brave and comprehensive article demonstrates the complexity of addressing Climate Change nowbefore things get impossible to solve. For on the face of it, this lake level controversy is an easy one for politicians to take advantage of, the public (who havent been directly affected by the damaging waters} to ignore, and the media to leverage for sensationalism.

Plan 2014 is an attempt to contain the larger climate crisis but it is falling victim to our complacency towards science and its implications. For quite some time now, the National Climate Assessment has verified that heavy downpours are increasing for our Northeast region by 71% since 1958. This means that it is more likely homes and our infrastructures are going to be affected in the way they are now.

Until Climate Change is dealt with and planned for on the scale and time frame that will matter, we will continue to blame the messenger and squander our resources until they are no more.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 05/25/2017 at 3:15 PM

Re: “Finding common ground: for Earth Day, bridging our national divide

While the pursuit of common ground is a commendable political and social strategy, this has little to do with the way science actually works. One of the ways science works is that however unpalatable the results are, they are accepted by all as the closest we may come to the objective truth.

In the case of Climate Change, it doesnt lend itself to solutions if it accepted ad hoc and only as it accommodates ones ideology or self-interest.

In order to mitigate and adapt to Climate Change, we all have to accept as common ground the science behind it.

We cannot plan accurately or comprehensively if we are all choosing to deal with this crisis as it appeals to our comfort level, beliefs, and opinions. Science was created to free ourselves from these when addressing physical problems.

Many folks in the Rochester region are putting forth amazing efforts to keep our environment healthy.

But if we all arent responding to same science-based conclusions, we are unlikely to address Climate Change on a scale and time frame that will matter.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 04/06/2017 at 5:36 PM

Re: “Protecting the Earth is a moral issue

Fantastic essay by Rochester City Newspapers, Mary Anna Towler.

City Newspaper has been one of the regions few media that has continually reported on Climate Change and helped connect the dots to this worldwide issue at the local level.

The rest of our areas media has been very milquetoast on this crisis of our age and will either have to change their attitude on Climate Change or fall into obscurity as irrelevant.

Rochester, with the rise of the Rochester Peoples Climate Coalition (100 member organizations, RPCC continues to expand, evolve, and galvanize our local climate movement) is especially set to kick off Towlers message: Earth Day provides a good focal point. And this month is a good time to start building alliances. by collecting all the Earth Month activities into one coherent theme.

Consider joining at least one of the many activities of Rochesters Earth Month:…

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 04/05/2017 at 11:02 AM

Re: “Trump's Big Ball of Awful

One of the Awlfullest things about Trump's Big Ball of Awful is the sweeping miasma of doubt that has come over the publics respect for science. That US scientists must even consider a march for Science in Washington, DC in the coming days would have been unimaginable only weeks ago. But in Trumps world, data and evidence that dont fit his agenda is being scrubbed from federal websites and dismissed as a hoax.

Back in the day, pre-Trumpian days, environmentalists and Climate Change communicators have had to continually defend science to accurately portray the human-caused warming of our planet. Facts and evidence were brought forward by both sides, challenged, and picked apart like foxes on chicken bones.

But now, with anti-science given a political legitimacy since Trumps election, science as the arbitrator for sensible discussions on Climate Change, ecosystem health, and future planning has been dealt a crippling blow. What distinguishes modern life from a time when life was "'Nasty, brutish and short was humanitys discovery of modern science and the scientific method.

The measure of a man was his knowledge and respect for what humanity had collectively tested and found to be true. Now, in an instant, that great heritage of human accomplishment is being questioned and too often dismissed. So sad.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 02/02/2017 at 6:48 AM

Re: “Shells spell distress

Just as a clarification, when I said, "Back in the day, before the Zebra Mussels invaded our local lakes, we knew they were coming and thought they were inevitable," I was referring to some of our Finger Lakes. Yes, the Zebra Mussels came into the Great Lakes by foreign ships. Back in the 1980s, we knew that Honeoye Lake, for example, was probably going to be infested with the Zebra Mussels because of people were boating in the Great Lakes and the Finger Lakes and we worked with the DEC to try and get boaters at the boat launch to clean their boat and trailers.

To the best of my knowledge, the zebra mussels couldn't have made it to (most/some?) of the Finger Lakes from the Great Lakes because they aren't connected at their source. We didn't try very hard, just some signs and literature and some local articles.

One of the reasons why we thought the Zebra Mussels invasion was inevitable was because Honeoye Lake is surrounded by hundreds of private homes, where there was little control over what private homeowners did with their boats. Meaning, you cannot set up check points at every shoreline property owners place to find out where they were boating.

The fear of the Zebra Mussels was that they would clog water intakes, which they did. They filter the water, but in the process they allow light to travel deeper into the water causing more weed growth eventually. The dead shells, of course, are an indication that this invasive species is still alive in great numbers.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 01/27/2017 at 4:58 PM

Re: “Shells spell distress

Back in the day, before the Zebra Mussels invaded our local lakes, we knew they were coming and thought they were inevitable. Of course, the Zebra Mussels invasion wasnt inevitable when you think about it.

However prolific and numerous, Zebra Mussels cannot fly. These kind of very invasive species, unlike the Asian Carp, dont eventually swim into our lakes; they are brought to our lakes somehow. Probably boat owners who take their boats from one body of water to anotherwithout inspecting and cleaning them.

Humanity is spreading Invasive Species like crazy because we travel around so much. If we take the attitude that Invasive Species are inevitable and we cannot do anything about them, our ecosystemsour lakes, forests, wetlands, and all those organs of our environment that keep us alive and thrivingwill be at risk.

Environmental collapse doesnt have to be inevitable; but it will be if we collectively dont change our attitudes. Soon.

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Posted by Frank J. Regan on 01/25/2017 at 7:17 AM

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