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Album Review: 'Fresh Cut' 

Grease Creepers

"Fresh Cut"


Here's a slab of pure, badass, American psychobilly. The Grease Creepers keep up with the style's reverb-drowning, bass-slappin,' guitar-twangin,' Bigsby-bangin,' snare drum-bashin' aesthetic.

On "Fresh Cut," Grease Creepers' 13-track debut, the Rochester band sounds a lot like classic Cramps with its bravado and tight pants strut and preen. Now people tend to think the "psycho" prefix refers to the accelerated tempos and schlock horror topics, but in this type of music, it applies when a decent singer with drama, pathos, and ethos delivers with an exaggerated hiccup-punctuated croon. And thankfully that's the case here.

The singing absolutely rules on this record: it caterwauls suave and demonic as hell as it summons Lux Interior and The King from the grave. Live, the band is pedal to the floor with an impressive dynamic range in its songwriting, and "Fresh Cut" captures that energy perfectly. A great soundtrack to driving recklessly.

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