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ALBUM REVIEW: "Twelve Spells" 

The Stone Foxes

"Twelve Spells"


"Twelve Spells" threatens to boil over with its steamy chaos and kerrang. Garage rock has a series of posts you have to kick the ball through or — according to the bowl-cut-wearing Nazi eggheads — it ain't garage rock. I disagree. Those who don't obey, don't abide, or don't follow are the innovators who will keep the dust off the genre and keep it exciting. You can start with The Stone Foxes' overall implementation of syncopation without derailing the groove to keep the party going.

Calling this San Francisco garage band a garage band is not entirely inaccurate; it's just that it's so much more. I know it's my job to describe it, but it escapes me. Let me say The Stone Foxes has mod moxy, and a retro tube drive get-up and shake. It's epic, cinematic, and gone. It'll pick you up, Jack. Just spin the tracks "She Said Riot" or "Dying Star" and try to sit still. More than garage rock at a passing glance, but when it decides to, awesome garage prevails.

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