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ALBUM REVIEW: "Under the Stars" 

The Fox Sisters

"Under the Stars"


Holy shit, this is one revved up party platter in the spirit of 1960's savage soul. Though secular throughout this sonic spectacle that is "Under the Stars," The Fox Sisters comes off salaciously sanctified with a relentless and solid backbeat and sensational brass. One spin and you'll stomp a hole in the floor.

The playing on this album is switchblade slick and period correct without getting the least bit musty. Patrick McNally's vocals are frantic, frenzied, and in your face. Dave Snyder's guitar snarls and chops somewhere between percussion and oblivion. But the cherry on top is the super-hot production. This band didn't just lay it to tape; they set it on fire first. There's nothing better than a hot spot in a song distorting at its peak for maximum drama and maximum joy. Hell, it was good enough for Etta James and it's good enough for The Fox Sisters. But "Under the Stars" ain't all soul shouters. No, there are a few tear jerkers and slow dancers for getting' close and apologizing. This one is going in the jukebox.


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