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ALBUM REVIEW: "Working Stiffs Unite!" 

Sisters of Murphy

"Working Stiffs Unite!"

Silverdish Records

This record is positively beau-ticious. "Working Stiffs Unite!" is a fresh, fast, and fun kiss on the mouth. Sisters of Murphy plays slick and fast but manages to keep the rubber side down. And when it comes to putting the hammer down and letting fly, the band avoids the clichés and instead allows the songs to tell their own story.

While a lot of Irish-style bands divide their songs into two parts, like a teeter-totter between tradition and the gas pedal, Sisters of Murphy juggles the styles feverishly, ultimately landing on its own pop consensus. It's not too much of either extreme; in fact, the traditional instruments — concertina, mandolin, whistle, banjo, pipes, etc. — easily outnumber the rock 'n' roll arrows in the band's quiver. But it all shares equally in the influence, arriving at an entirely unique and balanced drive. The production is brilliant and crisp throughout the whole experience. This 11-cut collection is irresistible, unmitigated grin fuel that's written and rendered sharp and effervescent.

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