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ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Word on the street 

Neighborhood: Park Avenue

Favorite places: For her 3-year-old, Strong National Museum of Play, Rochester Museum & Science Center, Springdale Farms, and going to Bird Song Trail in Mendon Ponds, where chickadees will eat out of your hand. "It feels like Disney."

David Dwayne Clark

Neighborhood: Corn Hill

Favorite places: Going to the Erie Canal to write; RPO, Geva, and the Little; riding his mountain bike through the city at night.

Michelle, Sky, and Carlo Justice

Neighborhood: University Avenue/Neighborhood of the Arts

Tips for newcomers: "Check out all the festivals, and be prepared for the fact that there's not much NYC/big city feel in Rochester. Read the newspapers and get on the Internet to find things to do."

Andrew Branch

Neighborhood: South Wedge

Great things about Rochester: "No matter where you live, it's close to lakes, skiing, and the Adirondacks. Everything's available. It's easy to leave the city to get away."

Ned Bobkoff

Neighborhood: Greece

Occupation: Writer, playwrite, theatre director and teacher

Favorite places: Ethnic restaurants, local theater, The Little. "It's a community haven, a small but valuable one."

Randy Cole

Neighborhood: Greece

Best part of Rochester: The diverse people. There's always something fun going on, such as sporting events, car shows, or local festivals.

Wanda Ewer

Neighborhood: Brighton

Favorite places: The village of Fairport along the Erie Canal. Lots of eateries, shops, salons, etc.

Wendy Low

Suggestions for newcomers: Go hiking in Tryon Park; do the river walk from Turning Point Park to Charlotte.

Best views of the city: From the top of Cobb's Hill; from the pedestrian bridge in Upper High Falls; from the end of the Charlotte pier.

In This Guide...

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Introduction

    Welcome to Rochester
    In one of the "Man on the Street" interviews you'll find in this publication, software writer Andrew Branch says he likes Rochester because "no matter where you live, it's close to lakes, skiing, and the Adirondacks. Everything's available."

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Dining

    Asia by way of Western New York
    Just about everyone loves Chinese food -or Thai, Japanese, and Korean for that matter - and our workplaces and home kitchen junk drawers overflow with little multicolored condiment packets and chopsticks. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but rather a starting point for a diner's journey through Asia by way of Greater Rochester.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: A self-guided tour of Rochester

    Whether you spend a day exploring one neighborhood, or bounce between several of them, you'll find that the city of Rochester features a variety of historic places, shopping spots, parks, cultural districts, and nightlife opportunities. Starting out on the far north end of Lake Avenue, this is one route to see the sites, taste the flavors, and live the history that Rochester has to offer.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Rochester favorites

    Every year City Newspaper asks its readers to tell us what's great about our fair city. And every year hundreds replay with their choices for the best of Rochester.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Nightlife: Brewpubs

    Mug shots: Rochester's notable brewpubs
    Nothing against all you bars with the same ol' beers on tap. There's something to be said for walking into the neighborhood pub and ordering the same cool pint you sipped last week, and the week before.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Tour of Monroe County

    Get to know Monroe
    The villages and towns that make up Monroe County distinguish themselves from their counterparts in many ways. With enough points of interest to warrant an entire day in each town, traveling from one suburb to the next can be a trip in itself.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Arts & entertainment

    Never get bored!
    "There's nothing to do in this city." Whenever I hear someone say something like that, I want to beat them about the head and shoulders.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Music

    Follow that tune
    Welcome to Rochester. No matter how you wound up here - bad directions, chasing a romance that didn't pan out, or as a member of the Witness Protection Program - we're glad you've decided to join us.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Local history

    The people behind the places
    Open a map of Rochester and you'll spot certain names over and over. Strong.

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