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Re: “Warren, 30,000 jobs, and the state of politics

I read this article because Rachel barnhart tweeted it. The thing that bugs me about this article is that the author wants very badly to have an excuse as to why the news media (that includes her) hasn't done much fact finding on the truth in politics. Rochester's journalists are especially bad at asking for the truth from politicians. They are spoon fed facts from politicians and immediately accept them. Journalists write fluff stories and report on murders and rapes and car crashes. I don't even understand why Rochester has news. It's the same garbage.

The reason why I support Barnhart was because I found someone willing to ask the tough questions. She's willing to be thrown out of a mayoral news conference to ask the tough questions. I don't see anyone asking Joe Morelle, a high ranking state politician why he makes 6 figures and still drives a car paid by taxpayers. Why did it take almost 20 years to investigate that? I knew like a month after he took office.

It's inexcusable for a journalist not to question statistics. That's basically one half of your degree. The people do believe in the stats. Do you know how many people really believe them? A lot. Ore than you think. Whenever I get stopped for an identification: store, bank, whatever; people tout something my Uncle did. I confess that he never did that. They look stunned until I explain why. See, the journalists should be reporting that our beloved "state govt" is just a house of cards. Three people in a room control the fate of the state. NYers should know this. They should have their eyes opened. Someone should open their eyes!

And I think the media is half the reason people don't understand politics. 24 hour news stations talk everything to death. There is no substance. I would enjoy the news much more if journalists pressed the issue and made politicians accountable. The person who recently asked Trump about the wiretap claims who was ejected from the Oval Office, should get a medal! Harry Bronson, my Assemblyman, wrote campaign literature that claimed he was going to clean up Albany. A year later from his campaign win, there is nothing on his docket to say that he's doing that. It was a campaign promise! Who's holding him accountable?

Journalists used to work for the people. Their calling was to defend the people. Now they are in league with politicians, which is entirely against the concept of free and open media. Ask Russia how that's going!

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Posted by Anthony Morelle on 05/06/2017 at 9:49 PM

Re: “Barnhart responds to CITY's Assembly endorsement


I commend you for your opinion, but it seems like maybe you glossed over many of the details about Rachel Barnhart and who she has tackled in politics. Peter was quick to point out how Rachel has taken local leaders to task. The one thing you have to understand about the Duffy versus Warren news articles is about their character. Duffy held himself in a appropriate manner. He was dignified and sometimes worked on Sundays to help out citizens of Rochester. Warren was a longtime political insider with 8 years in the City Council. When she came to office, she was trying to hire family members and she was beat up over her economic policies. Warren got dragged through the media mud because she should have known better.

Rachel doesn't have just a blog and a Twitter account, she has a Facebook account as well. There she talked about stories she reported on. Many of them were about government waste and accountability. She is one of a few local journalists who ask the tough questions. I respect that immensely because I think our local media is too comfortable with them. Our newspapers protect them. Why does it take 20 years to find out through "investigative journalism" of some news station, that Joe Morelle drives a car paid for by taxpayers? Rachel is the real deal. She shined a light on the spat between local business leaders surrounding where the HQ of the photonic labs was going to be located. She broke down, in every article, what you need to know. Nobody does that in Rochester.

Did you even k ow that Rachel was shut down by Warren for asking the tough questions during her pressers? Is it a coincidence that Lovely Warren immediately endorsed Rachel's opponent, even before Rachel officially announced her campaign? That's dedication to the people or Rochester! She is the first person who risked her job to take on the cabal that is Albany and start making local leaders accountable. I mean, who knows if no one took Mayor Warren to task, we might have a water park behind Strong Museum run by Warren's family.

I want you to do what I do every year during the election cycle. You go to your official's website or for state officials, their .gov profile. Take a look at their bill history. Does it seem biased? Are they sponsors or co-sponsors of bills they passed?
Is that something you also believe in? Do you think they are working hard for you? Elected officials in Albany also sit on committees. Do you think they are representing Rochester with their bills they write? That's how you measure an elected official's efforts to work for you. Don't fall for the "I helped with this bill" on a piece of monumental legislation that is usually written by either the Goverbor's office or the Speaker's office (Maybe the Senate Majority leader) because this state's government is run by three people in a room. All the big legislation is not written by some Podunk legislator in Northern NY. For instance, when the Empire Zone legislation was introduced for Upstate NY, all of the upstate legislators are cosponsors, so that it looks representative of the area it affects. Did they help write it? No. It was written by the Speaker's people and the Upstate legislation just sign it. This is how Bronson is able to say "I did this for you." Completely untrue. He's not even on the committee!

NY is one of the most secretive govts in the Union. There is no transparency. Bronson is not a fighter of making sure you know what you are supposed to know. Heck, he's not even visiting his constituents. I don't know much about his character. I don't k ow what he stands for. Just like his political life, his personal is even more secret. Is he a pet owner? Does he like dogs or cats? There are simple ways people identify with their elected officials. What you have to decide is whether Harry Bronson's efforts these last 6 years are worth sending him back for another two year term. At least with Rachel Barnhart, you know what you are getting. With Harry, it's just a big question mark.

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Posted by Anthony Morelle on 09/01/2016 at 4:00 PM

Re: “It's Bronson, hands down

During the entire 6 years that Bronson has represented my Assembly district, I have not seen him once. I live a block from him. You would think you'd see him walking a pet or just strolling through his "base." I never saw him. As a registered Democrat, you would think he would ask my support. Nope.

I come from a family of politicians. People know who they are. People inside the neighborhood know my family because they take the time to know who they represent. That is the thankless job of an elected official, but it's very educational as well.

If Harry Bronson took a litmus test of just a solid 6 blocks in each direction of his South Wedge base, he'd realize that petty crime is on the rise. When people turn a blind eye to crime and they cannot turn to their representatives in government for help, who do you trust? He belongs to a Highland Neighborhood Facebook page and doesn't comment or say "let me handle this" whenever our residents report crime.

After scrolling through his Twitter feed, it's plain as day that he is a "special interest" politician. Bronson has "staged" meet and greets. Due to his sexual orientation, he seems to gravitate particularly towards the LGBTQ community for support. That's great! But what about the rest of us? Why can't you knock on my door and ask for support? Are you anti-social? Can you talk to heterosexuals?

I don't know Bronson and my neighbor's have never seen him. I have a lot of friends who are homeowners in the South Wedge. If this is Bronson's base, I bet the people in Henrietta and Chili think he's a myth! I mean, who cares about his "behind the scenes" role. It seems every politician has a "behind the scenes" role. That's just political talk for "it's acceptable to ignore your constituency because I'm working hard for you and it's just not being recorded." Well that's great! A secretive person in a secretive govt telling me that if I vote for you, "I'm not going to show much effort on paper, but take my word for it, I'm working for you." How would everyone like to say that to their bosses? They'd be fired!

This is what really went down for Bronson: Susan John retired. He was her Chief of Staff. He was just grandfathered into the Morelle regime. He didn't need the votes or name recognition because he knew the donors and just had to come out as gay to have some base to work with. During all this time, he's been a pawn, placeholder, and proxy for Morelle and Albany. It lasted 6 years before the voters in his district were like "who is this guy?" I mean, a television news reporter had more recognition than him and he has been in office 6 years!!!

You can't run an office representing people when you really don't represent the people. Voters will eventually figure it out! Maybe he's not a people person. Maybe he's only comfortable being with certain groups of people. That's fine and good if you are a lobbyist, but not a politician who taxpayers pay to allow you to make "behind the scenes" deals and legislation.

All I'm saying is that he has no problem running around NOTA playing Pokemon Go with gay advocates, but when I called his district office to get genuine help because I had rival drug dealers living on my street, fighting almost daily, he never returned my calls...and he lived a block away! That is not something the Morelle family would have ever done.

Rule #1 of politics: never let voters forget who you are. Bronson has never had to be responsible to his constituency because the MCDC put him in power. Bronson had 6 years to let everyone know who he was. He didn't even bother to get to know people within his base. And he wants to continue to represent you in Albany?

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Posted by Anthony Morelle on 08/31/2016 at 2:16 PM

Re: “ENDORSEMENT: Still the best candidate for mayor: Tom Richards

I think you glossed over Tom Richards' supposed achievements by generalizing them, while giving specifics to the other candidates. It would have been nice for you to cite specific deeds Richards has done because I don't see that he's really any better than the other two. What is Richards' plan with Rochester? How does he intend to achieve these goals?

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Posted by Anthony Morelle on 10/31/2013 at 2:10 PM

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