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Best of Rochester 2015: Best Answers 

NOTE: Runners up listed in alphabetical order

Life is for the living

"Who can handle that many carbs?" (Best Bagel)

For all of your aches and pains

"The beer aisle at the superstore at Meigs and Monroe" (Best Wellness Practitioner)

Really, nobody likes them

"Definitely not Time Warner"; "Time Warner Cable ... Not!" (Best Service)

The joys of parenthood

"I have kids now; I don't go anywhere new." (Best New Restaurant"

It will be missed

"Jim's; screw Aldi's!" "Jim's Diner R.I.P." (5 votes) (Best Diner)

Oh, yeah! That guy...

"Anyone besides the big guy who screams at you. That goes for his minions, too"; "Not the loud, drunk huge guy who screams at you"; "IT'S UUUGE, ROCHESTER. UUUUGE!" (Best Car Dealership)


"Dick Ides of March" (Best Car Dealership)

Oh, the spellings: Bop Shop edition

"Bob Shop"; "Bog Shop"; "Boo Shop"; "Shop Bop"; "Bop bop shoo be doo wah" (Best Record Store)

The cutest trainer

"Mandy, my dog, because she makes me get out of bed every morning" (Best Fitness Trainer)

We feel you

"Haha ... no" (Best Fitness Trainer)

That's a good way to be remembered

"That one that is right most of the time" (Best Local TV Weatherperson)

Are they licensed?

"Stabby McStabberton's Magical Impaling Unicorn" (Best Piercing Parlor)

That's always our second choice

"Arbor Mist" (Best Regional Winery)

He should write a cookbook

"Garth Vegan" (2 votes) (Best Local Dance Company)

You may want to get your ears checked

"Close line (when it's not ringing)" (Best Local Arts Festival)

Best festival for the cool kids

"The Fridge Festival" (Best Local Arts Event)

Sounds kinky

"Lilic Fistiable" (Best Local Special Event)

It should be a Rochester holiday

"The first annual snowfall driving freakout" (Best Local Special Event)

In order to be more inclusive, City reworked four of the Best Of theater categories. It went OK. But one voter made a point.

"That's so specific" (Best Local Theater Production of 2015 (Non-musical at a resident space) (Name, venue))

"Ugh" (Best Local Theater Production of 2015 (Non-Musical at a community space) (Name, venue))

"This is getting ridiculous" (Best Local Musical Theater Production of 2015 (at a resident space) (Name, venue))

"OMFG" (Best Local Musical Theater Production of 2015 (at a community space) (Name, venue))

Dancing around the issue

"Monroe County Democratic Committee" (Best Dance Club)

A juke box you can "fall" for

"Nancy's mom's juke box form the movie, "The Craft." It only plays Connie Francis" (Best Juke Box)

Not that kind of date

"490 Motel" (Best Place to Take a Date)

True love

"After Dark Party at Rochester Museum & Science Center, because nothing says romantic like geeking out over science together" (Best Place to Take a Date)

It's all been a lie

"Rochester Fake Beer Festival" (Best Food and Drink Festival)

The default answer

"I haven't responded with Wegmans yet on this survey. So, yeah ... Wegmans." (Best Place to Take a Date)


"Not Ashley Madison" (Best Place to Meet Singles)

Welcome to the 21st Century

"Tinder" (7 votes) "Grindr" (2 votes) (Best Place to Meet Singles)

Livin' the dream

"Cobbs Hill and a 40" (Best Cheap Night Out)

Please, no one create this account

"@roctopshits" (Best Local Instagram Account)

We know a couple of places

"Wherever their body will never be found" (Best Place to Take an Out-of-Towner)

Hey, that belting takes some exercise

"Rochester Gay Men's Chorus" (Best Local Men's Sports Team)

Oh, the spellings: Local media edition

(Don Alhart) "Dick Alhart"; "Don Alcott"; "Don Algaet"; "Don Alheart"; "Don Alhert"

(Rachel Barnhart) "Rachael Barnhardt"; "Racheal Barnhart"; "Rachel Barnhart"; "Rachel Barnes"; "Rachel Barnhardt"; "Rachel Barnhary"; "Rachel Barnheirt"; "Rachel Barnherdt"; "Rachel brnhartr"

(Scott Hetsko) "Hetska"; "Scitt Hetsko"; "Scott Hesco"; "Scott Hechco"; "Scott Hetchco"; "Scott Hetskell"; "Scott Hetski"; "Scott Ketsko"; "Scottiiiiiiiiiie"; "Scott so damn hott Hetsko"

Let's not even get started on misspellings for Rich Caniglia

Best answer used in every single category

"Jake's House" (Every Category)

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