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Bug Jar breakdown 

The Bug Jar may have to change the way it operates as a result of a shooting death outside the club last week.

City Hall asked the owners of the iconic bar to temporarily close after Deavoughn Hernandez-Ruffin of Rochester was shot and killed following a fight inside the club.

Some people have focused on the fact that a "rap battle" concert was taking place at the time of the fight.

But Mayor Tom Richards says don't blame the music.

"There are all kinds of music where people get riled up and do things they shouldn't do," he says. "We're after the violence. We're not after the hip hop."

Richards says that before the Bug Jar can reopen, he wants a plan in place to prevent similar incidents. And the city might end up putting conditions on the Bug Jar's entertainment license, he says. Those conditions can range from increasing security to reducing maximum occupancy, Richards says.

"It might entail not doing the kind of concert they did before because they can't control it, or because they're unwilling to put in the kind of investment to control it," he says. "That's a relatively small venue, and maybe this just isn't the kind of thing for them to do there."

"It's a funky place and it attracts a funky crowd, but not a violent crowd," Richards says. "There's nothing wrong with being funky. There's nothing wrong with being hip hop. It's just, you can't shoot each other."

The Bug Jar will likely be assigned nuisance points as a result of this latest issue, says city spokesperson Gary Walker. But nuisance points rarely lead to a place being permanently shut down, he says.

The city was also required by law to report the incident to the State Liquor Authority, Richards says.


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