CLASSICAL | Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra with Fabien Gabel

CLASSICAL | Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra with Fabien Gabel

The RPO's Philharmonics series begins the new year this week with some ballet without dancing, some opera without singing, and some Beethoven. Popular guest conductor Fabien Gabel — the music director of the Quebec Symphony Orchestra — is joined by Finnish pianist Juho Pohjonen, making his Rochester debut with Beethoven's First Piano Concerto (the composer's "Egmont" Overture starts the program).

ROCKABILLY | Tammi Savoy & The Chris Casello Combo

With a voice like Laverne Baker's, Chicago-based singer Tammi Savoy's take on R&B and rock 'n' roll sticks to the cleaner side of things. That's not to say you won't hear her growl ferocious and purr salacious a time or two, but the real swingin' diablo is guitarist Chris Casello, who bops, thumps, bangs, and twangs all over the neck.

ROCK | Kids in the Basement

Playing in a band is supposed to be fun. So is going to see a band.

FOLK | Eric Andersen

Eric Andersen was one of a handful of singer-songwriters to emerge in the 1960s with anthems that seemed emblematic of a generation. His best-known song, "Thirsty Boots," is about the civil rights activists known as the Freedom Riders, but he also wrote poetic tunes like "Violets of Dawn," "Dusty Box Car Wall," and "Blue River."

TRADITIONAL FOLK | Alyssa Rodriguez

Rochester fiddle player Alyssa Rodriguez is comfortable playing in bands of various genres — whether it be the retro-jazz outfit Gregory Street Vagabonds or Irish rock band Sisters of Murphy. But Rodriguez seems most at home as a folk music specialist.

JAZZ | The Rita Collective

When four musicians draw inspiration from a Tunisian oud player and form a world music ensemble, what tunes might you expect to hear in their repertoire? How about Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name," or Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror"?


Joe Kaplan is best known around these parts as the guitarist for the reggae-rock outfit Personal Blend, and as the frontman for the folk-leaning reggae band The Forest Dwellers. But on Thursday, he'll be playing solo as part of the singer-songwriter showcase series at The Daily Refresher.

ROCK | Herb Heinz and the Turbines

It's hard to simply refer to an artist as "versatile," especially when there's no foreseeable limit to that artist's talent. Take one Herb Heinz, for example.

AMERICANA | The Observers

When Buffalo musician Tyler Westcott comes into Rochester, as he does regularly, there's no telling which of his bands he'll be bringing with him. But fans in the 585 will have plenty of options this month: the Django-inspired jazz quartet The Paper Roses, the bluesy roots music dynamo that is Folkfaces, and the old-timey hot swing outfit Banjo Juice Jazz Band, among them — during "Very Hairy January," Westcott's weekly residency on Wednesdays at The Little Theatre Café.

JAZZ | Levin Brothers

After studying at Eastman School of Music, bassist Tony Levin was enlisted by Chuck Mangione. But that was just the beginning of a career that would include work with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, and many other top artists.

CLASSICAL | William Warfield Scholarship Concert

One hundred years after William Warfield was born, the Rochester vocalist's legacy is still spreading. "My uncle's career as a singer was really because of the generosity of others," William's nephew and singer Thomas Warfield says.

INDIE POP | Laveda

Laveda is the unassuming, Albany-based duo of Jake Brooks and Ali Genevich. And though their music is drenched in dreamy digital textures and silky pop production, you won't want to sleep on this band.

PROGRESSIVE SOUL | Lost Wax Collective

As its name suggests, Lost Wax Collective is a coterie of various smooth-grooving musicians who play fluidly between the genres of soul, jazz, R&B, and funk. Anchored by the rhythm section of drummer Brendon Caroselli and bassist Hassan Zaman (a contributing writer to CITY), this Rochester band specializes in intricate yet danceable rhythmic interplay, warm harmonic timbres, and a slow jam delivery that's undeniably catchy— as demonstrated on its 2017 debut album, "Blue Spark."

AMERICANA | The Boyd Parker Ambush

Singer-songwriter Nick Young burns hot. You could even say he burns daylight.


Sole Rehab has been incubating its luminous project for years, offering house and disco soundtracks in decidedly inclusive environments around Rochester and the surrounding region. The local collective is best known for curating party environments, hosting a variety of disc jockeys who spin electro-club-inspired tracks live, which are sometimes accompanied by visuals.

SYNTH-POP | The Bad Dreamers

Known for balancing a grim personal aesthetic with ironically bright electronic arrangements, The Bad Dreamers is the synth-wave brainchild of sought-after producer David Schuler. Based in Los Angeles, The Bad Dreamers recently released its newest single, "Georgetown," a haunting observation of characters in "The Exorcist."


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