ROOTS ROCK-SOUL | Dustbowl Revival

ROOTS ROCK-SOUL | Dustbowl Revival

Without a percussive strike, spike, or slap of an instrument, or even a harsh puff from a singer's lungs, it's hard sometimes to distinguish a note's origin. The music of California sextet Dustbowl Revival is full of this mysterious phenomenon, especially with the fiddle, which seems to appear out of thin air.

JAZZ | Joe Fiedler's 'Big Sackbut'

Trombonist Joe Fiedler has explored his instrument's important role in Latin music with Celia Cruz and Eddie Palmieri, as well as in the pit band of "In the Heights" on Broadway. He's also embraced his role as an arranger of hundreds of tunes for "Sesame Street" on his recent album, "Open Sesame."

COUNTRY | Alyssa Trahan

She likes dogs and she has a thing for boys who drive trucks. But the country clichés abruptly stop there.


Fast ain't the word, chum. Guitarist John 5 plugs in and rides the lightning for Rob Zombie, just like he's done for David Lee Roth and shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

CLASSICAL | RPO with JoAnn Falletta

JoAnn Falletta, the lauded music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, makes a welcome visit east this week to lead the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert begins with a brief but delightful Overture by Germaine Taillefaire (1892-1983), the female member of the composer coterie Les Six.


Known for its striking light show and improvised setlists, Denver-based electro-jam quintet Lotus has been making waves for two decades now. Its newest release, "Frames per Second," is both a 19-song album and a studio documentary showcasing the band's raw performance style up close.

POP-PUNK | New Found Glory

New Found Glory pounces on Anthology during a run of shows on its fall tour, celebrating a pop-punk aesthetic which skated along with preeminent status in indie music markets and youth culture throughout the 2000's. With top singles such as "All Down Hill from Here" and My Friends Over You," the Florida band has been giving voice to youthfulness, restlessness, and romanticism since 1997.

BLUES-JAZZ | The Occasional Saints

P.V. Nunes tickles the ivories in the quintessential barrelhouse piano style that drifts outta joints in The Big Easy nightly. His band The Occasional Saints is bawdy and naughty, like angels with day jobs, doing the devil's work.


A soulful progressive rock sextet from Burlington, North Carolina, Big Something has been captivating audiences with its magnetic flow and improvisational chemistry since 2009; the band just celebrated its eighth year hosting the annual summer music festival and campout, "The Big What?" Big Something performs a spacey mixture of rock, funk, hip-hop, and jazz.

FOLK | Joan Shelley

Every once in a while, an artist like Joan Shelley comes along and takes the folk music tradition on a wondrous ride. Coming of age in Kentucky, Shelley found herself equally immersed in American roots music and recordings from the British folk revival of the '60s and '70s.

ROOTS ROCK | Jack Klatt and Band

Jack Klatt doesn't just write clever songs that shadow assorted genres — he adopts their parlance, their tone, and their idiosyncratic appeal. Consequently, this wily Minnesotan can lay claim to virtually anything that comes out, be it country, swing, rockabilly, or even the blues.

REGGAE-FOLK | The Forest Dwellers

Local roots reggae quartet The Forest Dwellers is on a sonic mission to heal its audiences with warm-hearted harmonies and soft, swaying guitar rhythms. Singer-guitarist Joe Kaplan delivers lyrics that are hopeful for a brighter future and melodies full of cosmic yearning, while strumming in a slightly Latin-influenced guitar style.

CLASSICAL | RPO presents 'Bach to Bartók

The title of this week's Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra concert, "Bach to Bartók," is a bit misleading. Conductor Ward Stare's ambitious program might more accurately be titled "Great Hits of 20th-Century Modernism": fascinating music from the three composers of the so-called "Second Viennese School," plus a masterpiece by Béla Bartók. The concert does indeed begin with Johann Sebastian Bach — the Ricercar No. 2 from Bach's "Musical Offering," in a most original orchestration by Anton Webern.

HIP-HOP | Black Violin

Look no further than Black Violin to give classical music a fresh twist. The duo of Kev Marcus and Wil B. has impressed audiences for more than a decade by merging the seemingly incompatible: hip-hop with fiddles.

AMBIENT JAZZ | Sooner: Simon Jermyn & Charlotte Greve

It's difficult to say which is more ethereal: the voice of Charlotte Greve, or her gorgeous saxophone playing. Born in Germany, Greve has led two groups, Lisbeth Quartet and Wood River.

ROCK 'N' ROLL | Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles

I was looking for some good music on YouTube when I suddenly found Sarah Borges, a New England rocker who skates the razor between sweet balladry and rock 'n' roll. She was working it out on Elvin Bishop's "Fooled Around and Fell in Love."


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