Life beyond the campus

Life beyond the campus

While the daily life of a college student can be consumed by time spent in the lecture halls, libraries, and dormitories, there is plenty to learn and experience off-campus as well. The decisions you make about what to eat, where to study, how to spend your time, and how to spend your money while in school can have a direct impact on your overall well-being.

Across the Rochester coffeescape

Whether you're seeking refuge from the academic grind, or a cozy enclave to study when the library is jam-packed, coffee shops are simply part of the college experience. Luckily for you, Rochester has a ton of them.

Dealing with debt

There's a lot being blamed on student debt these days. Millennials are taking longer to buy houses or start families because of it.

PolySci 101: civic engagement for students

The upcoming school year will welcome not only a new class of students, but also a new set of voters. While national politics tend to get more attention than other political activities, students can be active participants in a wide range of governmental issues as well.

Do you need to get out more?

It was Eddie Hock's first year at the University of Rochester, Hanukkah was approaching, and he needed to buy gifts. He wound up at NeedleDrop Records in the South Wedge, on the edge of downtown Rochester.

International food round-up

Rochester colleges and universities are home to an array of talented, passionate, and dedicated students – many of whom are international. And so this list of restaurants and markets, from the Caribbean to Middle Eastern, is especially for friends who said goodbye to their countries to study here.


World Otter Day @ Seneca Park Zoo

World Otter Day @ Seneca Park Zoo

live animal experiences and keeper chats, projects to do at home, and...

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