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Re: “Amphipolis tomb could intensify Greece-Macedonia feud

Turkish Christians? Are you for real? Converting from Islam meant death! there have never been any Turkish Christians! There were however Greeks who lived in Anatolia for millennium who were forced back to their ancient homeland, different story altogether. And there has been no real DNA analysis that whatsoever claimed that you are ancient Macedonians, none. It is fantasy and propaganda, otherwise you would have been able to actually show this report from a trusted source. There have however been DNA analysis on Greeks showing us to be just that, Greeks and not turks or Albanians. And your own DNA analyses on your population has of course shown that you are closest (really close) related to Bulgarians and then Serbs, just Google "six year DNA study Balkans" and you can see for yourself what your own scientists got for results. For Greeks DNA analysis results I will give you an incredibly trusted source right here:

"On the other hand, the similarities of Basques to French and Spaniards, of Greeks to Italians and of Icelanders to Norwegians are clear, even though all these populations are different enough from the rest of Europe that they are outliers in the tree"


"Likewise, Greeks show greater similarity to Austrians (and to other central Europeans) than to theirs nearest neighbors, the Yugoslavs."
- Both of the above from p.272 in "The History and Geography of Human Genes" (1994) published at Princeton university, a book which is considered to be a standard reference on human genetic variation.

As for the glorious liberation of Macedonia to be united with the rest of Greece your are very lost I see. There was no united Greek nation state before 1821, true, but to say there was no Greece is just ignorant. Also I would be careful playing that game if I were you because if you hadn't noticed your country which you claim is Macedonia has only existed around a very short 21 years. But that Macedonia was part of the region called Greece in ancient times (and had ancient Greek place names which YOUR people changed into the Bulgarian tongue and we changed BACK to its Greek original where applicable) we can ask the famous geographer Strabo and even Alexandros the Great himself:

"Macedonia, of course, is a part of Greece"
- Strab. 7.fragments.9

“Your ancestors came to Macedonia and the rest of Greece and did us great harm, though we had done them no prior injury. I have been appointed leader of the Greeks, and wanting to punish the Persians I have come to Asia, which I took from you.”
- Alexander's letter to Persian king Darius III of Persia in response to a truce plea, as quoted in Anabasis Alexandri by Arrian

And as I posted before we can consult the writing of a "normal" Macedonian man (as in not part of the royal house) and clearly see what he writes about his ethnicity:

"Damon son of Nicanor, Macedonian from Thessalonica for Quintus Caecilius son of Quintus Metellus, proconsul of the Romans, to the Olympian Zeus on account of his virtue (arete) and goodwill which he continues to manifest to myself and the homecity and the rest of Macedonians and the other Greeks"
- Damon of Thessalonica, inscription from Elis, Olympia

We can even jump forward over 1000 years into time when the Slavs where well established in the Balkans and we can ask Exaugustus Boioannes in 1041 what he as a Medieval Greek had to say about the Macedonians of old (as there where no separate Macedonians at this time, all Greeks were only counted as Greeks under East Roman rule):

"Lads, have pride in your manhood, and don't allow yourselves to have the hearts of women! What cowardice makes you always run away? Remember your forefathers whose courage made the whole world subject to them. Hector, the bravest of men, fell before the arms of Achilles. Troy was reduced to flames by the Mycenean fury. India knew of the gallantry of Philip. Did not his son Alexander through his bravery make the strongest of kingdoms submit to the Greeks? "
- The Deeds of Robert Guiscard by William of Apulia

And lets round of by jumping to the end of the East Romans empire and ask Laonikos Chalkokondyles who wrote in his “De origin ac rebus gestis turcorum” (first book) the following:

“[…]the Lacedaemonians and the Athenians and after them the king of the Macedonians and those that succeeded him in power, and these events have been remembered and recorded as they have occurred by many other authors. Hellenes accomplished this over a long period of time.”

I will leave you with the wise words of a french diplomat, well traveled in the Ottoman empire, as written down by Nassau William Senior:

“Macedonia and Thessaly must of course be restored to Greece, from which they ought never to have been divided. In fact, they would give themselves to Greece. Nothing but force separates them from their fellow-countrymen on the other side of the absurd frontier line which the protecting powers drew across Greece.”
- A Journal kept in Turkey and Greece in the autumn of 1857, and the beginning of 1858, Nassau William Senior, 1859, page 32)

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Posted by Damon Palaiologos on 10/04/2014 at 11:48 AM

Re: “Amphipolis tomb could intensify Greece-Macedonia feud


You are aware that the only reason the bible differentiates between Macedonia and Greece was because the Romans hade divided the Greek peninsula in those two ADMINISTRATIVE regions for administrative reasons. It does not prove anything more than we already know about Roman administration, but the fact remains is that the inhabitants of Roman Macedonia was Greeks, speaking Greek and worshipping Greek gods etc. Or to quote roman emperor Julian:

"So Alexander joined the company of heroes, but neither Caesar nor anyone else yielded his place to him. However he found and took a vacant seat which the son of Severus had taken for himself - he had been expelled for fratricide.

Then Silenus began to rally Quirinus and said, "See now whether all these Romans can match this one Greek.""

From "The Caesars" written in 361 A.D. by Roman emperor Julian, page 316 in the original text

"But so much perhaps I may say briefly and you may hear without weariness, that her family is entirely Greek, yes Greek of the purest stock, and her native city was the metropolis of Macedonia [Thessaloniki]."

- Julian, "Praise For The Empress Eusebia", p. 295'

Or the words of an ancient Macedonian himself written in stone in 143 BC:

"Damon son of Nicanor, Macedonian from Thessalonica for Quintus Caecilius son of Quintus Metellus, proconsul of the Romans, to the Olympian Zeus on account of his virtue (arete) and goodwill which he continues to manifest to myself and the homecity and the rest of Macedonians and the other Greeks"
Google Damon of Thessalonica for source (it is an inscription in stone)

Main point of all this being of course that you former self-identifying Bulgarians from ancient Paeonia are not fooling anybody by suddenly taking an hellenic name and claiming its history while the true descendants are still living proudly on the actual land of the ancient Macedonians speaking Greek just like their forefathers have for thoussands of years!

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Posted by Damon Palaiologos on 10/04/2014 at 4:41 AM

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