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Re: “The nation under Trump

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of misinformation the left uses to support their convoluted logic.
There is so much in the author's article that I could refute. I'll choose
Global warming.
Global warming is a hoax. Check out Professor Spencer for REAL science. His web site is the Skeptical Science.
Climate change is nothing than a transfer of wealth scam engineered by people like Al Gore, George Soros,,which by the way is not his real name, the Tides Foundation , and the Annenberg Foundation.
Ever hear of the CCX? It stands for the Chicago Carbon Exchange. It was intended to create a stock market like enterprise where corporations and individual home owners would have to purchase carbon credits in order to use energy. The estimated amount of transaction was in the billions. The transaction carried a fee, Just like when you purchase a share of stock. Al Gore, Soros and others were to be benefactors of those transaction fees .
I'm for clean air and water as much as the most ardent greenie, but not at the expense of some SCAM called global warming to line Al Gore's pockets.
The temperature has only changed a .o1 degree C. over the past 100 years or so. Not my number but the number of CREDIBLE scientists.
Here is great link by a CREDIBLE scientist if you care to read by Richard Lindzen.
The CCX went into bankruptcy, thank GOD! And by the way guess who was to be the head of the CCX? Barrack Obama.
Trump is not the problem, Elitist politicians and lobbyist are.
One last comment. If the GOVERNMENT had done its job the Texas tragedy would
have been avoided.
Have a great day!!

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Posted by Dave1952 on 11/12/2017 at 7:39 AM

Re: “Las Vegas, guns, and the evil of inaction

My point is simple.

Murder can be committed by many different device's.

That being the case legislating against the gun, or the car or the plane or any device is useless.

My reason being, and only my humble opinion, is that you can't prevent evil with legislation. Never gonna happen.

Cupid touched on this and I agree.

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Posted by Dave1952 on 10/05/2017 at 4:46 PM

Re: “Las Vegas, guns, and the evil of inaction

Question for you all? What killed 3000 people in the Twin Towers in NYC? What killed over 200 people when a co-pilot slammed into the Alps? Airplanes

What killed and injured over 200 people in Paris France and at Ohio State University? Trucks

And what has killed over 50 million innocent unborn children? Planned Parenthood

Who was President when the Bump stock was approved? OBAMA

Over 60% of the homicides by a gun are suicides.
On average there are 12k gun homicides per year in the U.S.
So if my math is correct 7200 are suicides. I would prefer politicians to focus on mental health funding.
The latest's stats show non-suicide homicides with a gun have been on the decline for several years. There are think tanks out there you can look up to verify my assertion. The Pew Research Center has an old one on their site that shows gun homicides have declined 49% since 1993.It's an old article from 2013.
Don't have time to search for a more current date.
Make no mistake, I am full of sorrow for this tragic event that occurred in Las Vegas. But a knee jerk reaction to pass something based on emotion, and just for the sake of some politician to aggrandize them self isn't going to solve a problem like this.
Remember the great quote by the genius Nancy Pelosi, " we have to pass the bill so we can find out whats in it.' We'll that approach didn't and isn't working out to well.
Her quote today was 'W e have to do something" really. O.K> what is it Nan? Plus she told a reporter today that we need background checks!! I started laughing.
And some of you want politicians to create a knee jerk LAW!! Please people calm down and think it thru first.
Every gun show I have been to does and immediate NIC check for a rifle or shot gun if you make a purchase. For a pistol you have to buy and pay for the pistol. Then go to the county clerks office to register it on your permit before you receive the gun from the dealer, then go back to the dealer to pick up the gun which they give you after they register it.
As far as the NRA and Jimmy Kimel's idiotic statement about the NRA. He doesn't know what the heck he's talking about, because he is using emotion and not facts.
The NRA has donated a measly 3 million dollars since 1998 to the Republican Party.
If Chuck Schumer and San Fran Nan are going rail on the NRA why do they collect tens of millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood. to kill over 50 million babies.
The NRA doesn't kill anyone!
When the Democrats come up with a common sense plan to curtail abortion then let's talk about gun legislation.
Just for the record I'm not a fan of the Republicans either. The party of broken promises.

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Posted by Dave1952 on 10/05/2017 at 2:01 PM

Re: “How racist is Rochester?

The blame game is preposterous Ms. Towler!

I am so sick and tired of this baloney in this article.
1. More White people live in poverty than any other ethnicity.
2015 stats are the most recent stats I could fine.
Whites in poverty 17.9 million, Blacks 9.5 million, Hispanics 12.2 million all others 3.7 million. The percentage of Black and Hispanics are 24% and 21% respectively.

Those % numbers are high, however %ages can be misleading.
If you don't believe that go to the Henry J. Kaiser Foundation website.

Reason for Poverty:
1. EDUCATION - the Rochester graduation rate is deplorable.
3. Strong nuclear family

The U.S. has spent over 16 TRILLION dollars on poverty and throwing money at it obviously isn't the answer. Do we need a safety net YES. The SAFETY NET should NOT be a way of life.

The biggest cause of LOW wages is directly tied to idiotic government policies at all levels, e.g., Federal, State and Local.
When I hear a President say that 2% GDP is the new NORMAL is the most discouraging, not to mention a stupid thing a leader can say for a country like ours. That begs the question what did that 2% mean for WAGES? ANSWER: NO INCREASE - it had nothing to do with race. Those 8 years affected downward pressure on wages as GDP, the growth of the economy was stagnate.
It's pretty simple, when the SUPPLY of labor decreases the COST/WAGES increase.
The education curriculum needs to focus on Capitalism and value added SKILL SETS not social non-sense which is a noble effort, but does not prepare individuals to be self sustainable.

Have a nice day,

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Posted by Dave1952 on 09/11/2017 at 8:08 AM

Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

Mr McKenzie

Where do you get your information and facts?

I don't mean to be personal or condescending but your comments are way off the reality reservation.

I would be very interested in knowing your sources that have lead you to your post / conclusions.

Personally I am concerned about the need to raise incomes. My focus is more on the increase in wages of the MIDDLE class which have not seen an increase in real terms for close to 19 years. The last 18 years have seen terrible political policies that have decimated incomes of the middle class and the poor. The last 8 years have been horrific.

I go back to the question? What is a fair Minimum Wage? How should it be determined? Certainly not by plucking a number out of the SKY, e.g.$15.
We know $13 an hour closed a lot of businesses in Washington St.

Tied to inflation is certainly not the answer as I have demonstrated with factual data.

Have a good day.

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Posted by Dave1952 on 08/15/2017 at 1:33 PM

Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

Dear Miller
What is a modest increase? $1 dollar, $15 dollars? We have seen the results / consequences of a rapid increase of the the minimum wage raised by the state of Washington to $13 dollars from $7.25 over a relatively short period of time. It has had the opposite of the intention of benefiting the worker(s).
The linked to INFLATION idea is an interesting suggestion. My question then would be 'what does one do when there is DEFLATION'? Do we reduce the MW? The answer would most likely be NO. Needless to say.
The current stats from January to July show that inflation has been declining, e.g., January' rate 2.5%, July's is 1.73%. There are charts out there which can be referenced that will show each months inflation rate. Suffice it to say inflation is currently on the decline.
The majority of MW jobs are entry level positions and it is then up to the individuals own motivations to improve oneself and start to climb the ladder of success.
Have a great day.

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Posted by Dave1952 on 08/14/2017 at 7:55 AM

Re: “How to reduce poverty: Boost workers' wages

My goodness. I read the article and was amazed at how many flawed assumptions were cited.
Many people think or should I say believe that the minimum wage supports raising income of full-time Adults and or low income families. The economic research does NOT support this whatsoever.
49% of workers earning the minimum wage are teenagers. A large majority of these workers, approximately 62% of the 49%, live in families with 2 adults working with incomes over the poverty level.
The most recent research I have read is that only 4.7% of adults working full time earn wages under the poverty level.
Getting back to the minimum wage and the effects on business.
Businesses make adjustments to pay for added cost. Dramatically raising the MW will reduce employment, reducing employee hours, and consequently raise
prices. This is completely the opposite of the stated intention in the authors article.
Policymakers, some not all, believe that this will help solve a poverty issue, but what they truly want is tax revenue. BAD way to increase money to the coffers of State, Local and Federal governments.
There is an economic concept which economist, credible ones, rely on, which is the Basic Competitive Model pertaining to this subject.
There is also one known as the Institutional Model, which is flawed.
In the author's article it appears to me that the the Institutional Model is what is being proposed.
The competitive model relies on basic economics, simply put supply and demand.
The Institutional Model relies on the fact that markets are imperfect among other assumptions such as social factors,,, tech factors of firms and so on.
The best way to INCREASE wages is to increase ECONOMIC activity, increase GDP, and REDUCE TAXES. It works every time and yes it reduces POVERTY faster than any politician has ever done.
Saying that 2% GDP is normal for our country is absurd, However, GDP 2% or lower will help CREATE MORE POVERTY and GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCY!! Have a great rest of the week end folks.

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Posted by Dave1952 on 08/12/2017 at 12:44 PM

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