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Re: ““RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6: The RuCap, OR Lessons Learned from S6


Lessoned learned and observed:

Unless there are interviews with the actual contestants and/or family members, why bother. It's a fluff piece episode that could have been used to eliminate the 4th queen or bring back one that was booted earlier or even do some sort of location/outdoor challenge.

Just more proof that Raven and especially Shangel are truly horrible people.

Even now, years after their appearances, like metal on a chalkboard, they still manage to grate ones nerve.

Did Jujubee have work done on her face, euww?
Why did Sharon look and sound like Joan Rivers?

JInxx and Raja looked...marvelous!

And good gawd almighty, more Magda Gabor, I mean Mooseknuckle/Puppy Puss Kardashian???
On twice? And it turns out it was a 'crossover' show segment that never got shown.
Punked by the Gabor sister. Priceless.

And next week...well Pandora already announced her Aussie tour with Trinity. Oh yeah, Yara, MIlk and Bianca 'del Niro' will be there too. So apparently it's the Bring the Crown Home tour. Does it really matter who wins anymore? You seek out your favs and throw them a few bucks as they work the crowd and hope that one day, you will get read to filth by the funny one.

"Were drag queens in a competition. The only thing worse is prison". Priceless.

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Posted by DoggieDaddy on 05/13/2014 at 8:04 PM

Re: ““RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6, Episode 12: Sissy That Walk

And if I may....

LSP wore it first.

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Posted by DoggieDaddy on 05/06/2014 at 9:08 PM

Re: ““RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6, Episode 12: Sissy That Walk

So, it’s all about the Benjamin’s.

Santino either committed the cardinal sin of reality show production or was simply stating the obvious. It’s about the brand. It’s about making deals and foreign markets. It’s about the money. This has been obvious from day one of this season.

In years past it was ‘Who can best represent you (Ru) and be the next Supermodel of the world?’.

But now, as we’ve seen in each episode of this season, it’s “There’s $100.000 dollars at stake, are you worthy?” Ru even said this during the one-on-one luncheon. It was an odd moment and very cringe worthy, almost said with spite and contempt. Or was that true drag queen “T’?

Granted that’s what successful producing is all about, but usually it’s done behind the scenes away from the half-assed compassion that’s supposed to be projected. Or maybe just hammering away at the money being dangled in front of them makes them more competative, who knows.

Adore is charming but a mess, and yes, too young. Keeping her in the show means we’ll get the young/annoying/wannabes to continue to audition and bring an whiney conflict into the mix. More Gia’s and Laqangs. Freakin Great. Who can’t get enough of ‘This shit’s getting real!’ DUH.

Bianca is talented, almost too talented and experienced. And good god girl, that make-up. Do a little research and you’ll find she make some damn good coin already in NYC. And although no one want’s to miss out on $100K, it seems like the show would be better off having her as a mentor to the new queens ala Michele V. The one really nice thing Ru seems to do is take care of fan fav’s by keeping them employed and out hawking her name and brand – Pandora being the prime example.

Michele, who by the way if you’ve checked her blogs and twats, er tweets, has been trying to get her own show for the past few years. She’s a company girl who plays ball if it gets her what she wants. She’s the biggest critic in front of the camera but pulls a sweet, almost sickening attitude behind the scenes. In other words ‘It’s not my fault. I love them all’. Gag. Bianca would be so much better at this.

Then there’s Caught-In-The-Act. Clever no? NO. But she personifies the brand. I watch the show with my 10 year old niece who got me back into the fold after I quit during season 1 when Ongina was booted over Beebe. And although 10 years old, she hit the nail on the head when she said ‘why don’t’ they just give her a show back in Australia?’

She watch’s the poorly edited TV version, then while watching her after school while her mother works a late shift, we watch the downloaded un-cut version. Please, no criticism. She goes to Catholic school and told me all the ‘bleeped’ out words before we even started watching together (and in a side note she wants to be Ben for Halloween. Ben with a ‘meaty tuck’ that is. God bless her twisted little heart).

Anyway, it’s the same mindset as season one - who can enhance the brand? Ongian, although the more talented couldn’t draw in a foreign audience like an exotic African born queen can. Beside Ongian’s HIV status could possibly be a dividing force in foreign markets.

Too critical and harsh? YES. But that’s how producers think.

This isn’t a competition, it’s a business. A game the players know the rules to before the cameras even roll. So Caught-In-The-Act will be crowned. Not because she’s a fan favorite or the best but because she’ll sell tickets in foreign venues and more importantly, get RPDR on the air in more markets. Sissy That Walk gurl, for It’s all about the Benjamin’s.

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Posted by DoggieDaddy on 05/06/2014 at 4:00 PM

Re: “"RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 6, Episode 11: Glitter Ball

Can you say – jumped the shark.

This is the same reason I stopped watching season 1 when Ongina was sent packing only to get caught up during the All Star competition.

So it comes to bad production decisions. Reality producers think that conflict and contrived controversy are what make game show, when in fact it’s sympathy and compassion, and how the viewer relates to the contestant, some call it humanity.

To keep someone who scored low 4 times and won a ‘head in the box’ challenge is not just confusing buy insulting to the shows fans and the other contestants.

God bless Ms. Lake, a big girl with talent and charm. Yet to keep her and discard if not dismiss someone who’s done better is degrading to the contestant and fans alike.


1) Bianca calling Ben a C#*t was incredibly vulgar, even for a drag queen. At the viewing party I was at there was the same audible gasp at that as there was at Ben’s elimination. And to make it worse was the judges laughing at it! This wasn’t some cabaret put down, it was pure back stage, back stabbing evil.

2) Michelle does a web series called ‘Whatcha Packin’, where she sweetly interviews the queens right before they go home. She’s as sweet as can be, well compared to her persona on the judging panel that is. How come none of that comes thru during the competition?

3) Michelle also states that she and Santino don’t get to see what goes on back stage and in the Untucked Lounge. A – I don’t believe a word of that, and B – Maybe they should.

4) In years past it was…”but do they have what it takes to be the next supermodel?” Now it’s…“there’s a $100K at stake, do they deserve it?” Yeah it’s a contest but that attitude skews the behavior of the contestants and apparently the judges.

5) Another week of Adore’s “This sh$t is getting real.” Yeah, duh.

And one more - What up with Moose Knuckle/Puppy Puss/Magda Gabor and her sailor suit? They can't be running low on judges already. Wouldn't a former show winner have more cred?

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Posted by DoggieDaddy on 04/30/2014 at 7:39 PM

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