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Re: “[UPDATED] This week in the mayor's race

Howard J. Eagle,

Thank you for being speaking what needs to be said. Our voice has been missing on the topics of race and racism. That absence has led us into a painfully deep oppressive post reconstruction period that began in the mid-1970's. This current post reconstruction intensifies as it progresses to the present and looks to the future. As with the first Post Reconstruction of the 1800's all the gains of Construction of the 1950's and 1960's were or are being undone, destroyed and reversed. Our voice needs to be spoken.

Mr. Sheppard seems quite aware why it may be necessary to hide that fact that his wife is white. He should be held accountable for that rather than Minority Reporter's, Gloria Winston attacked for bringing it to light. Recent comments made about First Lady Michelle Obama on social media has brought to light a century old relationship. Dr. Joy DeGruy addresses that relationship very well as she explains how mindsets that developed during slavery were passed from generation to generation until they reached the present. Mr. Sheppard should also be aware of this century old relationship and perhaps has become calculating.

This relationship is also addressed in the book "The Help" and came to light during a Black woman's recent shopping experience at Victoria's Secret. Given that our incumbent mayor is a Black women that relationship will rear its head during the election with Mr. Sheppard's candidacy. It will serve to bring race into the election thus a possible divide not only within the Black vote but, also within the Democratic Party.

Christine Carrie Fien's article here in City Newspaper has elements of that century old relationship. Including the link to Gloria Winston's article was not required. Yet by mentioning that it was not included pressed the disdain for Ms. Winston's article even more. That is the kind of journalism that has turned so many against mainstream media. Although Ms. Winston's article critiqued Mr. Sheppard on several points, by only the mentioning the part on the race of his wife added to the disdain. This disdain gave the century old relationship a ride in on the pen of Ms. Fein.

Professor Howard J. Eagle's comment "- in this thoroughly racist, white-supremacist-based nation-state --- the feelings and sensibilities of white women/families/allies are far more important than feelings of black women/families/allies --- period" addresses this century old relationship's true form. As a Black woman in America, I can attest to that.

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Posted by E. Walker on 01/21/2017 at 11:24 PM

Re: “Anger and dismay over Rochester teachers' contract boil over

Cynthia Elliott echoes the sentiment of many African Americans nationwide. Finally someone is addressing the elephant in the room that America's educational history supports. Mainstream America has never educated minority America. Need I mention an example the Aleut Native American children in Alaska. I must also quote Malcolm X "Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children." Racism in America is on the rise and is very much in her educational system. We are now back to the 1950's.

Brown v. Board of Education was not to overturn Plessy v. Ferguson. It was to enforce the second half, "equal." Since the Court saw no equality as it had order, in anger it ruled for integration. Making schools equal meant taking away some funding from the all white schools and spending it in all Black schools. That was not going to happen. Thus integration was ordered. It was not sought by the filing.

I wrote to NBC in the late 1990's on this issue. They came through with three news stories addressing this issue. The first two were on two all Black schools, in all Black neighborhoods with all Black educators. The success was evident. The second featured an African American teacher in a small one room. She had come out of retirement because, she did not like what she saw. She had control of the classroom. You could hear the pin leave the hand before it dropped on the floor. The third was the most telling. It was still and all Black school within an all Black neighborhood. What had changed due to Brown v. Board of Education was the integration of faculty. The Black educators had been sent to all white schools and later fired. White educators had been brought into reach integration of the faculty. Prior to the implementation of Brown v the Board of Education the school had over an 80% graduation rate. Post the implementation it was a failing school.

Our children are now in uniforms where as a people we think independently and creatively. It is part of our culture. It has always been evident in our dress. Uniforms are also worn in prison. Uniforms suggest uniformity of thought. That is anti-education. Our sons are placed in throw away schools. Education is about the children and not about the educators. Education is a positive experience. Racism is negative thus no education possible. Yet its supremacy creates the thought that our children are being done a favor and are privileged by the great sacrifice of others. At the same time their education has plummeted.

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Posted by E. Walker on 04/06/2016 at 9:43 PM

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