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Exhausted possibilities 

In parenting, sometimes the best option is just to surrender

Kids' music seems the most marginal of all markets compared to others currently available by the music industry.

Once IbrahimAdhem saw a stone on which was written, "Turn me over and read." On the other side he read, "You do not practice what you know. Why, then, do you seek what you know not?" --- Hujwiri

The other day I watched a fly bounce repeatedly against a window. Somewhere in that primitive insect brain, memory of the abrupt smack of the glass had to linger. Yet the little thing stuck to this impossible tactic, guaranteeing he would never reach his goal. Undoubtedly, his situation was made more difficult by the fact he could see what he wanted so clearly. I imagined him thinking, "This has to be the way --- BAM --- has to be the way --- BAM --- has to be the way..."

Parenting is often a similar exercise. The correct answer to the seemingly-rhetorical question, "How many times do I have to tell you?" is, "Until you realize your current tactics are ineffective." But if the goal is simple and within sight, this has to be the way --- BAM --- has to be the way --- BAM --- has to be the way...

Most of my soaring parental moments have involved a certain sense of playfulness, and my worst parenting Hindenburgs betray a profound lack of creativity. Most often I am tired when I choose to head-butt the obstruction rather than try a new route. What? Have I energy enough for relentless futility though I'm too tired to be effective? Is it any fun to be so entrenched?

My daughter can't stand it when I crack her up in the middle of a good snit. It drives my son crazy when I follow his logic to my conclusion. Exhausted? I'm finally too tired not to try something different.

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