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Feedback 1/13 

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Big, bad 'Wolf'

I was astonished by Adam Lubitow's comments on "The Wolf of Wall Street" (which he was comparing to "The Big Short"):"I never understood complaints that "Wolf" glorified the world it depicted, accusations that I can't help feeling say more about the viewer than the film." (Film review, December 30, 2015)

Not glorified, really? How about extolled, winked at, used for humor, valorized? You didn't think that Scorsese's primary use of DiCaprio's character was to depict glamor? I thought that was obvious.

And what does it say about me and all the others who think the same? Stephen Holden in the New York Times also compared the two films, saying that Scorsese's movie "shamelessly glamorized the gluttonous excesses of Wall Street thieves..." What does it say about us?


Families must support neighborhood schools

I always enjoy reading your annual article about Rochesterians (The Rochester 10, December 30, 2015). I was happy to see John Boutet and John Laing's hard work acknowledged; it's important for all to know what it takes to keep a neighborhood intact, strong, and vibrant.

I introduced myself to them at a coffee with the superintendent session on a bitter cold night. I could tell that they were regulars and activists. I was happy to hear that they were 19th Ward residents. I started my professional library career at the Arnett Branch in 1987 and subbed there over the years.

Families need to enroll in their neighborhood schools and be active or the schools will close and leave a void in the neighborhood and sit empty. Thanks for the article and thank you to Mr. Boutet and Mr. Laing.


No peace with Clinton as POTUS

Do you want peace in the Middle East? With China? In the world? If so, you must not vote for Hillary Clinton, the hawk. To do so would be like marrying an abuser-type person and expecting a change in behavior after the ceremony.

Mary Anna Towler included the hawk aspect of Hillary in comprehensive coverage of her some time ago, but voters may focus on other issues — or on Bill — and lose sight of the all-important hawk in her personality and political persona.


Fond memories of Camp Haccamo

A developer wants to use the former Camp Haccamo site in Penfield for a high-end dog hotel (News, November 25, 2015).

It would have been nice to see this property used to create experiential educational experiences for youth, integrated with a casual conference facility that the Haccamo nature setting would have provided. For prior campers and staff, the Haccamo property will always be special for the growth that took place summer after summer.


Praise for bike cameras

The City of Rochester has started installing cameras to trigger traffic lights to change for cyclists (News, January 6).

Great news! I've been at intersections where the light, literally, never changes for a person riding a bicycle. It gets old.


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