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Feedback 1/6 

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Downtown is more than Main Street

"Creating Downtown: A New Center City"(News, December 23, 2015) — the title itself represents the ongoing confusion that inhibits Rochester's development.

Downtown is more than the Center City; it rightfully stretches from Corn Hill on its southern border to Norton Street as a northern border. Downtown incorporates St. Paul, Clinton, Joseph, and Hudson north of the train tracks.

The late developer Larry Glazer, quoted in CITY, urged that we expand our definition of downtown. Heeding his advice brings forth a diverse population of residents, far more businesses than exist in and around Main Street, and a much more solid foundation for the Rochester that we all envision in the decades to come.


Vice president, Joseph Avenue Business Association

Hopes for downtown development

I think the G-word (gentrification) is going to be crossing a lot of people's minds as we go forward.

Personally, I'd love to get a place in the new Tower 280, with its concierge service and elevated dog park. But I also want to be sure to stay rooted and support the local and small businesses in the Center City. The old Chase Tower is becoming partly owner-occupied soon, so we'll see what kind of draw that brings to the nearby area.

Most importantly, I hope they get the Inner Loop East right, and not make it just another generic College Town-type block.


Raising wages could have a ripple effect

Something is not making sense. If wages are raised, won't prices for goods and services go up as well, to cover the wage increase? If prices go up, then the new wages will not keep up with the rising prices. Then what? Keep raising wages and keep raising prices?

That sounds ridiculous, but if that's what New Yorkers want, I think there will be more middle-class people exiting the state and more struggling people entering to take advantage of higher minimum wages.

On the other hand, what if costs for goods and services are lowered so that they become affordable to the poorer, working class? Wouldn't that mean that everyone would have to take a pay cut so that goods and services can be produced at all?


Maggie Brooks' new job

With all the business friends and connections Maggie has after doing favors for them all these years, why doesn't she find work in the private sector that she and her fellow Republicans are forever praising? Surely one of them can use her "expertise" to make more money in the free market zone.

No, their actions speak louder than their words. Maggie is off to a made-up job at RTS (News, December 23, 2015); something of a glorified bus matron.

What does [RTS CEO] Bill Carpenter do anyway? It sounds like he has handed over some of his duties to this new, overpriced VP position. People are outraged, but there is no viable alternative when it comes to Election Day.


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