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Feedback 10/19 

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The real Trump

With his "locker-room talk" and all the rest, Donald Trump apparently believes he is offering via his candidacy the virile American male. For a bonus, he continues to boast of his wealth and vast knowledge.

What comes across, however, are different images: impotence and ignorance, and a person whose money has been gained at the expense of virtually anyone he touches.


More questions about clerk's office waivers

Cheryl Dinolfo has now taken credit for being the one who requested clarification from the State Department on the law she broke ("Feds say fee waivers violated the law," October 5). Adam Bello didn't need clarification; He knew Dinolfo violated the law and he pointed that out.

Dinolfo's spokesperson now says Dinolfo is done talking about this issue. As her constituent, I still have questions. Dinolfo stated the waivers were given for customer service reasons. So I want to know: 1. Did the people who received waivers get them because they had complained about poor customer service from the county clerk's office? 2. For what reasons and under what situations did people receive waivers?


You just don't understand customer service. The county clerk had to be sure people were satisfied so they would come back again in 10 years for their next passport.


Remembering Chris Lindley

Chris was, indeed, a role model for those of us who have been involved in local government and politics (Urban Journal, October 5). My thoughts and prayers are with Chris' family during this sad time. I hope that cherished memories will bring a smile and ease their loss in the days and months ahead.


Frankel is former supervisor of the Town of Brighton

Praise for Rev. Jim

Rev. Jim Mulcahy is a teacher, mentor, leader, and friend ("Russians send gay pastor packing," September 28). He gets calls from around the world at all hours of the day and night. He has been called and he follows that call.

So many lives have been touched by him with the message that God loves them.


Could leaflets be political?

Trump has mentioned many times that he has respect for the Hispanic and Muslim communities. To state that illegal immigration has resulted in many violent crimes and acts of terrorism here and around the world is not racist, only factual. In my opinion, Trump could do a better job at reminding people that the overwhelming number of Muslims and Hispanics are not involved in terrorism or violent criminal acts.

Open borders serve the economic interests of both Republican and Democratic donors by bringing labor costs down and creating population growth that creates demand for more production. It does this at a significant cost to the American working class through lower wages, crime, and terrorism. (Germany, France, Belgium show that).

I'm not ready to draw any conclusions about who is behind the pamphlets in Pittsford and Brighton. It could be a racist, but it could also be someone with a political agenda.


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