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Feedback 10/4 

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US women in politics

On "Where Are the Women," our article on the small number of women in politics: So is it women, or the American system? Canada has far more equal representation in its parliament and in its number of provincial leaders. Both the head of state and head of government in the UK are women, and the new leader of the Free World, Germany, has just re-elected a woman to her fourth term. They all have families. Perhaps there is something in our system and culture that that holds women back and needs to be addressed. Thank you for this article.


A sincere thank you to all the women quoted in this article, and all the others who weren't. Thank you for sticking it out, for putting yourselves out there, for taking on this task that sucks, because you care about our city, our state, and our world and want to make it better.

You shouldn't have to run a gauntlet of personal attacks in order to become a public servant. You should get the support you need in your personal life if you have something to offer your community through public service. We see you and we thank you.


The RPD and the use of force

On our articles on police-community relations, "A Matter of Trust" and "Council Wades into Police Oversight":

An important dynamic not mentioned is that it is criminals' jobs to evade police, and the police's job to catch criminals. That is the only job of both of them, and therefore they can never co-exist. If everyone just watched "The Wire," both sides would have a respect for the other for just doing their job.


An issue of simple physics: For every action, there is a reaction. The reaction to force is usually an attempt to show even more force. If no attempts are made to de-escalate a situation, we won't know if a better outcome is possible.


On Urban Journal's "Health Care Is a Right; Why Is That Debatable?": We need to abandon a Democrat vs. Republican discussion of the issue. It would be a good first step to shift the terminology more toward the center. For example, how about "self-insurance" instead of "single-payer"? Or, stop the "repeal and replace" talk and start emphasizing "amending" or "fixing."

I'd bet that it's a Democrat asking the question whether health care is a right or a privilege. Let's repeal that question, and replace it. Or better yet, amend it. The "privilege" is not needed. Is health care a right? Start with that.


Correcting ourselves

Our September 20 article on the Democratic Primary results stated that Malik Evans, who won the party's nomination for a seat on City Council, received campaign funds from Mayor Lovely Warren's campaign. He did not. In addition, our headline and article on the City Council race presumed that the winners of the primary will take office in January. They must still run in the November general election.

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