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Feedback 10/7 

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Christians should act like Christians

The majority of the refugees from the Middle East are middle class. They don't flee in the first place for economic reasons; they flee for their lives. Their home countries have been destabilized by our interference: the invasion of Iraq by President Bush and the interference in Libya.

True, these countries were run by brutal dictators, but we didn't study their history. We didn't inform ourselves enough about their ethnic diversity and centuries of ethnic conflicts. We budged in without considering the enormous consequences.

However, there is hope. Many of our presidential candidates call themselves Christians and surely will act like Christians? The Bible often talks about hospitality to strangers. Jesus himself was a refugee when his parents had to flee to Egypt. Would our Christian politicians have welcomed him? I'm sure our presidential candidates who call themselves Christians know the Bible and the Christian values of compassion and hospitality?


History doesn't support socialism

A wise old gentleman who is not a member of either political party but is a dedicated socialist is running for president on the Democratic ticket. I cannot agree with his principles, but marvel at his loyalty to his beliefs.

In a recent speech he promised that if elected, there would be free medical care, free college for everyone, and jobs for everyone.

We have only to look to several countries in Europe, such as Greece, which turned to socialism and its promise of utopia with pensions and increased benefits for workers.

With the government now in control of commerce, production continued to slump and Greece could no longer meet its monetary needs, causing discontent and riots. Could this happen here?


Sanders is keeping it social

Just put my "Bernie 2016" bumper sticker on my car! He has been almost totally ignored by mainstream media while the Trump/Clinton show has been rammed down our throats by the moneyed interests and mega-corporate TV companies. Bernie is very alive and thriving on social media.


The Record Archive is the place to go

The Record Archive (Music features, September 23) is the most unique record store on Planet Earth. I have bought and sold music, etc., there for many years, but going into the store is definitely a rare experience. If you have not ever been there, it is a must! I take all of my out-of-town guests there as part of my Rochester tour. They are the nicest, most helpful group of people you could ever do business with, and when I am bored, I go there for a boost!

Subscribe to their newsletter and "like" them on Facebook to see all the great events that go on there and all the new stuff that comes in every day. Many, many more prosperous years for these great people!


Undocumented workers not here by accident

When our economy soured, people went BACK to Mexico. If you want to criticize people for coming here illegally, then first think about those who hire them. We live in a country where people think laws are for others to follow.


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