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Feedback 11/28 

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RBTL's theater: time to move on?

On philanthropist Tom Golisano's withdrawing his pledge to help fund a new theater for the Rochester Broadway Theatre League: Tom Golisano has been more than patient. If the other funding sources aren't there, then let's be honest about it and move on.

Borrowed money is initially good for construction jobs, but at some point you have to pay the piper. These theaters can't support themselves. It may be culturally important for a city to have a theater, but it's not win-win. We should admit defeat and forgo the financial alchemy. If Mayor Warren can't summon a coalition of deep-pocketed business leaders, then it's game over.


Roc/Acts, crime, and punishment

On our post-election article, "Activists Press State Democrats on Mass Incarceration": The wish list for Roc/Acts is unrealistic and would compromise public safety even more that it is already.

Let's take the issue of solitary confinement. That system is used to provide an incentive good behavior, sort of like a time-out. The activists mention the effects of solitary confinement on mental health; people seem to forget they are in prison. It is not a daycare or nursery. Folks have done some extremely terrible things. Otherwise they wouldn't be there.

As for police accountability issues: If the police don't arrest someone, then they might be held accountable and lose their jobs for showing excess timidity and not doing their jobs properly.

As for bail concerns: Bail is designed only to guarantee people return to court until the adjudications are complete. If someone has no or very few prior offenses, most likely they are released on their own recognizance while reporting once a week to the local probation office to check in.

The article mentions excessive time behind bars awaiting trial on what the article says is relatively low bail. But if these people care about their children, jobs, and housing in the first place, why do they allow themselves to be caught up repeatedly in the criminal justice system?

The reason the relatively low bail isn't paid by friends, employers, and families is because these individuals have run out of second chances with them.

In addition, if someone is unjustly convicted of any crime in New York State, the conviction can be overturned if evidence wasn't available at the time of the conviction. There is no statute of limitations.

I can't be sympathetic about people who have chosen to make a career out of victimizing innocent people and are only crying foul when they are being held to a just accounting for their actions.



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