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Feedback 11/9 

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Midtown madness

Readers weren't shy about sharing their opinions on a new proposal for Parcel 5 at Midtown downtown (News, November 2). The 25-story glass-and-steel structure was proposed by local resident Fraser Smillie and Rochester architect Bud DeWolff.

"Here's another chance to do something right? THIS monstrosity is someone's idea of doing something right? I still have to wonder if this is some sort of April Fools' joke which just didn't happen to fall on or near April 1.


"I think what we have done is sort of stir the pot a little bit by saying, 'Here's another chance to do something right.'"

Well, you see, we have a problem here. Rochester already built properties like the one Smillie is proposing, and they only contributed to Rochester being a non-place to be. We don't need more megaplexes.


"It's unlikely that the city would choose the open-space plan, which would deprive it of tax revenue."

I think that assumption sells the Visionary Square proposal short. Having a real public square would increase property tax values of every property downtown and would earn much more tax revenue than a building that will ultimately get tax breaks and credits and be undervalued to pay little taxes.


I feel the need to point out that this is awful. Modern architecture? A la 1970. The building looks like it's from a comic book (back when they were nerdy, and before nerdy was cool), and the PowerPoint just confirms its absurdity. It starts off by not answering any of its own questions. Then it throws in a spelling error, and just panders to the mayor for the rest of it.

History lesson: The Eiffel Tower was built for the French Revolution's 100th anniversary. It was a temporary structure that was supposed to be taken down after 20 years. It wasn't taken down due to its scientific research benefits, then later for its military advantages. Then it became a national icon.

To bemoan building a "fix" for a specific current need, and then almost immediately laud the benefits of and the inspiration of another world famous "fix" for a specific current need is preposterous. Or maybe it's "iron-y."


Road project is folly

I'm disgusted they're spending money to realign Dewey and Driving Park. In a couple of years, people will be complaining about vehicle speeds and pedestrians will be getting killed, just like on Lake Avenue. I certainly hope they don't continue the folly at Dewey, Lyell, and Broad. So much for having a city for the people and not cars.


Frontier's not real competition

Frontier DSL is a joke and no competition to Time Warner Cable (News, October 12), which says a lot because TWC has set the bar sooooo low.

TWC is like dial-up. Syracuse, Buffalo, and obviously New York City are locations with competition and TWC has to step it up. Not here. Sad.


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