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Feedback 11/7 

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City's coverage of the candidates

I look forward to reading your paper every week, because it is the only publication that does such a great job of covering local events and business, etc. I was extremely disappointed with your recent article concerning the Congressional race between Maggie Brooks and Louise Slaughter. I have never read anything so one-sided in my life. You may as well change the name of your paper to the Liberal Democrat Press.

Maybe you need a refresher course on what journalism really is and what your responsibilities are in that regard. As a newspaper, you should be providing in-depth, thought-provoking information on the candidates. Instead, you spent three pages bashing Maggie Brooks and little more than a page on how wonderful Louise Slaughter is.

I am not disputing your assertions in the Maggie Brooks article, but are you seriously going to tell us that there is nothing negative in Louise Slaughter's 26 years of governing?

The only thing I detest more than the lies all the politicians spew is the unabashed bias in the media. You are supposed to provide us with unbiased reporting with all the facts and let us determine where we go from there. You should be ashamed of yourself. You have no right to call yourself a newspaper; all you are is an advertisement for whomever you support.

I'll continue to read the paper, because you do a great job covering the local restaurants and community, but I am definitely passing by on anything with perceived substantive value, because I can't believe your coverage will be honest.

Editor's response: We're an alternative newsweekly, not a mainstream news media, and in our 41 years we've never kept our liberal leanings a secret. We are committed to the journalistic standards of accuracy and fairness, but we are proudly opinionated. Our Brooks-Slaughter articles are part of our annual election endorsement package.


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