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Feedback 12-2 

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Blame Dems for their own mess

The mayor's ad campaign (News, November 18) is nothing new. Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks has touted herself for years on the premise of promoting the county. What party doesn't do this?

The deeper problem is that the Democratic Party fell apart under Joe Morelle, David Gantt, Louise Slaughter, and Bob Duffy. They failed to build a war chest for the party. They left the local party in a mess, with failure to lead and failure to build the party; it became a Democratic Party of every man or woman for his or her self.

You have to hand it to the Republicans; they keep their members in line. They build the war chest and always stand with one another. They endorse one another and fund one another.

Mayor Lovely Warren is following the trend of "me first," and what can the party really do for me? Maybe she will flip and become a Republican. It has happened before.


Why not both?

I used to agree with folks like Joe Struble (Feedback, November 18), who says he prefers to take out-of-town guests to Wegmans.

A richly magnetic alternative is the Rochester Public Market! Its blend of old-world charm and authenticity has the added benefit of being uniquely Rochester.


Applause for breast-cancer cover

I would like to congratulate City Newspaper. You presented a cover story (Completing the canvas, November 18) that was very informative and well-written.

Women all over the city were referencing it, because you were not shy about placing the photo of a woman after breast-removal surgery on your cover page. Kudos to you! There were no attempts to cover up her condition.

You could identify, as a female, just how much suffering this woman has endured. You featured her attempts at normalcy by having her nipples tattooed on.

The nipple tattoo was incredibly real looking and would seem to have made this patient feel "normal" once again, perhaps erasing some of the agony of having had to go through this life-altering surgical procedure.

Thank you for dealing with this oft-secretive situation and in such an honest and helpful way.


Time to clean house at the school district

We might as well face it: there is no way to fix the RCSD. It is broken beyond repair. We should sack the whole lot of them.

While I am loath to entrust the school system to Mayor Warren, I think that it's time to opt for mayoral control of the schools. The mayor certainly couldn't do worse than they have. Even she didn't entrust the education of her child to them.


Work together to fight fear

We need to have opportunities to talk with one another and work with one another on common community concerns to combat the horrible fear-mongering that is now going on, especially within the Republican presidential contest.


A real Middle East strategy

Discussions about no fly zones, more advisers, weapon sales, simply fritter around the margin. Imagine what will happen when we don't need any more goo under Middle East deserts.


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