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Feedback 12/23 

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No-Fly List denies due process

Where you and I disagree is on barring the sale of guns to persons on the No-Fly List (Urban Journal, December 9). The government manages the list in such a defective way that a court has held that the list is a violation of the due process clause in a suit brought by the ACLU.

Using the list to identify violent persons is bad policy and is not "the mildest of gun-control measures."


Close borders until we get immigration overhaul

Let me express my First Amendment rights here without being excoriated. Concerning the Muslim refugees not being allowed into America, why aren't the liberal media and others on the left telling the whole story?

Trump said in as many words, "Let's keep out all Muslims until we get our own house in order and figure out what's going on." He didn't say, "Let's keep all Muslims out forever."

All we hear about is Muslims bombing this place and shooting up that place. America has a right to be scared. Why don't we err on the side of common sense and put a stop to all refugees, not just Muslims, but everybody who wants to come to America? Let's close the borders until we can get a viable immigration policy in place; the one we have now looks like a piece of Swiss cheese.

The majority of people who want to come to America are good people. But there are people who want to come to do damage to you, me, and our families. The vetting process we have isn't working or at least it didn't work for the Muslim mother who immigrated here and slaughtered 14 people in San Bernardino.

I'm Irish and Polish. If the Irish and Polish were creating all this carnage around the world, I'd be the first to say, let's keep out all the Irish and Polish until we can figure out how to vet them properly. The left is running wild with this story and it's not fair to the good people of America who are frightened and want a proper vetting process.


Cartoon recalls Kissinger

I was struck while reading Tom Tomorrow's "The Quantum Republican Universe" in the December 16 issue how the cartoon's captions accurately reflect the worldview embodied and shaped by Henry Kissinger.

The captions are, in edited form:

• Reality is extremely malleable;

• The traditional laws of cause and effect no longer apply;

• Things are true because we want them to be true;

• The powerful are able to construct entirely self-contained realities;

• Outside criticism has no effect on those realities.

I refer readers to Greg Grandin's indispensable "Kissinger's Shadow" for a fuller explanation.


Fatima Razic fan club

I've been a fan of Fatima since I first heard her perform a few years back. And I have met her a few times. She has a beautiful voice and stage presence. But I never knew anything about her background or character until I read this article (Music, December 16). She has a very inspiring story, and we are blessed to have her here in Rochester.


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