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Feedback 2/1 

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Calling all brave Republicans

Regarding your recent "Resist" issue: I can only hope that there are at least some Republican legislators in the country who have the courage to put party politics aside and resist any egregious policies that the new administration seeks to enact.

Honest, decent, fair-minded Republicans cannot possibly agree with absolutely everything that Trump says. Don't be afraid of his desire for revenge. We are all better than that.


Keep up the pressure

Thank you for the second week of outstanding news. The piece on Betsy DeVos ("Our Anti-Inaugural," January 18) was right on. I was looking for a mention that her brother is the founder of Blackwater: "guns for hire" that the big oil companies use to protect their corporate elites all over the world. They changed their name after Dick Cheney and Haliburton used them. They have been big donors to the Trump organization.

It's so obvious big corporations are taking over our country; it's very frightening and they are so bold. It's like, "What are you going to do about it?" Well, remember the Million Man March on Washington? How about a five million person march this summer? I'm old, but I would gladly help fund buses for young people to go. Thanks again, and let's keep this progressive movement going.


NY Dems can breathe easy

You assert, "New York is thought of as a progressive state, but it wouldn't take much for state government to fall under the control of the far right, which could undo the progress that New York has made or could make on minimum wage, clean energy, child care, affordable tuition, and paid family leave." ("Our Anti-Inaugural," January 18.)

What process could possibly bring this about? There are millions more registered Democrats than Republicans in NYS. The Democratic Party candidate has won New York in eight straight presidential elections. For more than a decade, every statewide elected office has been held by Democrats. The Assembly had been controlled by Democrats for as long as anyone can remember.

Rochester, typical of large cities in New York, has not had a Republican mayor in more than 40 years or even a single Republican on its City Council in more than 30 years.

Whatever concerns you have on a national or international level with Republican control in Washington, for better or worse, New York is firmly in the progressive column for the duration of the Trump administration and far beyond — it is beyond absurd to suggest otherwise.


CITY's response:

It's hardly absurd to suggest that conservatives could gain control of — or greater influence in — state government. The State Senate has been under Republican control for the past half-century for all but a two-year window. And the GOP majority has, at times, blocked various environmental, reproductive rights, gun control, and consumer protection bills. For progressives, there's a danger in assuming that conservative Republicans couldn't bolster their numbers in either house of the Legislature. Remember, most people thought Trump couldn't get elected, either.

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