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Feedback 2/11 

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Billboards and body-shaming

Recently, billboards have popped up all around the city with the message that working out and eating healthy is neither fun nor games.

The advertisement shames women whose jeans don't fit, communicating that they should stop enjoying life and shape up.

It's not news that our society bombards us with images of what women should look like, causing scores of women to struggle with body image and food choices.

Shame on the Rochester Athletic Club for Women. They should know better.

Let's send a message to Rochester's women that all body sizes are acceptable, that a good relationship with food tastes great, and that exercise can feel like fun and games.


Main Street needs shuttle service

The media has reported the second fighting incident either in or outside the transit center. City Council member [Adam] McFadden is correct that the Liberty Pole problems have just moved to the center. I have said this would be a problem ever since construction began.

While the center looks warm and fuzzy, it was just a ruse to install a fare increase. Not only that, but riders, particularly on the south side of Main Street, have to walk all the way to the center to board their buses. It would have made more sense to modernize and increase the street shelters.

And some riders still have to board buses outside.

There has also been a decrease in police presence at the main intersections of Main Street. Another pedestrian and I were almost struck the other day by an aggressive driver making a right turn.

I strongly suggest that a shuttle service be provided on Main Street from noon until 2 p.m. and possibly rush hour to alleviate at least some of this problem.


Cuomo's anti-poverty task force

Bandwagons are great. Come up with a "no brainer" idea and everyone will jump on board. But if this issue was truly in the hearts and minds of politicians, the problem would be solved by now.

But then again, "task force" is simply the illusion that something is being done. In reality, it is just more window dressing that politicians put up to temporarily satisfy the public and ultimately hide what is actually going to solve the poverty problem — not much.


How long has Joe Morelle been in office anyway? I don't remember him EVER taking a courageous position on poverty, minimum wage, child care, affordable housing, gun control, education, or other issues that Democrats care about. Everyone in the know — with the exception of this paper, apparently — understands that Morelle's getting ready for a bid for Congress

This task force is just a ploy to create a record where there isn't one.

Dear friends on the task force: you've been played and now you're on the hook for endless meetings and photo opps that will lead to no change.


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