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Feedback 2/18 

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Invite was unethical

You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig. Sitting judges held an illegal fund raiser for Republican judicial candidates and signed their wives' names on it, magically making it "legal" and "ethical," and sent out invitations to local attorneys.

And the guilty clients — maybe just the white-collar criminals, you know, to make it "ethical" — of the attorneys who submitted to the extortion won't get preferential treatment in the courtroom, right?

And WE should be ashamed of ourselves. For too long we have violated the judges' rights to use thinly veiled and in-your-face unethical tactics in furtherance of their political ambitions. Next up: super PAC's for the judiciary!


Urban-Suburban doesn't tackle core issue

If a school is a bad school, it is because too large a percentage of the student body is made up of children from dysfunctional families. Sending a fraction of that student body to another school isn't going to solve the problem.

Urban-Suburban is too simple a solution to a deep-rooted problem for it even to be given a moment's serious consideration. The problem needs to be addressed in the community from which the bad school draws its pupils. It's a community problem, not a school problem.


The poverty problem

It is up to those who are in poverty to solve the problem themselves by first getting an education and then getting a job, whatever that is, and work hard and smart and most of all, show up. "We" have "helped" too much, as sad and mean spirited as it sounds.


Is it possible that Rochester's poverty cannot be tackled? The multiple factors which maintain poverty can be found in every American metro area. Furthermore, poverty is almost always concentrated. Have you heard of the metro area where poverty is spread evenly? It doesn't exist.


There is poverty in the suburbs, too, it's just hidden under the surface. Job losses, overspending, insufficient income; there are any number of causes. The Brighton Food Depot serves over 800 families every week — almost 1 in 10 families in the town.

Then you have East Avenue and Sandringham Drive, with million-dollar homes in the same town.

Joe Morelle has income from his job with the state, Lovely Warren is the highest-paid mayor of the poorest city in the state, and Maggie Brooks is hardly suffering in her leafy lakeshore home. What do these people know about poverty?


What do you know about the people who live in those "million-dollar homes" or what the family history of Morelle or Mayor Warren is? For all you know, they could have a history of poverty within their own families and pulled themselves out of it.

I grew up myself in a dirt poor family and I'm far from living in poverty now. But I bet I know a thing or two about how to get out of poverty due to pulling myself up by my bootstraps.


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