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Feedback 3/23 

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Both candidates practice hypocrisy

The Federal Election Commission has a report dated February 26, 2016, of Sanders and Clinton pre-nomination campaign receipts. All of the details can be found at:

The totals are: Sanders, $96,311,423. Clinton, $130,443,637. Yes, $34 million more for Clinton makes a difference. But what does it signify?

Can anybody tell me why dollars for Sanders are more honest or noble or whatever he seems to imply, while constantly reminding us of psychologically twisted Wall Street and its wickedness? Is a payment to Sanders cleaner, more ethical, or something based on the age or socioeconomic position of the donor?

Meanwhile, both candidates bypassed their opportunity in Flint recently to announce the end of their gigantic expenditures on advertising so that every penny in their coffers could be earmarked for fighting poverty.

This also brings to mind American tourists enjoying themselves in New Orleans or so many parts of this country and beyond with clothespins on their noses to avoid the noxious odors and actual poisons that identify places where the poorest people try to survive.


GOP needs a mirror

Why hold a presidential election if the American people's votes are not respected but railroaded by the "established" Republican Party's manipulation? We won't need a democracy; we'll have anarchy.

The established Republicans know about the voters' angst, they just can't realize why. Does anyone have a mirror?


Lake Avenue's problem is its design

Re: Pols want action of Lake Avenue (News, March 16). Are people getting hurt on Lake Avenue? I'm not shocked, especially if we're talking about the section south of Driving Park, which includes part of State Street. It says to drivers, "Go fast!" No practical degree of enforcement may make up for its inappropriate design.

Picture instead that grand expanse as a boulevard lined with trees — center and sides — and accommodating parallel parking, both features that automatically slow traffic and shield pedestrians.

Problem is that it took years and a zillion dollars to make Lake Avenue the highway that it is. It will be hard to go back to the drawing board. And the recent unfortunate rejection by residents of a redesign of a northern section of Lake may give pols cold feet.

But there is an incentive to fix it that we didn't recognize before, beyond safety and equity. If we had got it right the first time, the corridor today would be booming with development and business, helping to lift up that entire part of town. To look at it, the present suburban-style thoroughfare hasn't contributed anything.


The Corner Store attack

Someone spray-painted a racist slur on the Corner Store building on University Avenue in Rochester's Neighborhood of the Arts.

Don't let this one ugly incident detract from one of our best neighborhoods in Rochester, truly a great place to live and hang out, a fine definition of "neighborly neighbors" and has been for generations — and only getting better!


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