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Feedback 4/4 

We welcome your comments. Send them to, or post them on our website,, our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed, @roccitynews. For our print edition, we select comments from all three sources; those of fewer than 350 words have a greater chance of being published, and we do edit selections for publication in print. We don't publish comments sent to other media.

Creating new abolitionists

On our article on the abolition efforts of Kenneth Morris: Mr. Morris and the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives are a force for freedom of the enslaved persons of today. Their multipronged initiatives are making a difference in lives, moving education toward a true picture of what it meant and means to be an abolitionist.


Border Patrol and Greyhound

On immigration activists' recent demonstration urging Greyhound to prevent US Border Patrol agents from boarding buses and asking riders for identification: Buses are public spaces. No warrants needed. Given that we are considered a border city, with only Lake Ontario standing between Rochester and Canada, and Rochester being a hub for re-settlement activities, these checks are well within the law, from what I have read.

Greyhound should heed the law and know that the silent majority support the rule of law in this country.


People are not required to carry their "papers" in this country. Unless we require that, it's just targeting people who don't look American, whatever the hell that is.


Do you want Whole Foods?

In our recent online poll, reader rejected the proposal for a Whole Foods market on Monroe Avenue, 57 percent to 43 percent. A sampling of their comments:

I want it so bad. It drives me crazy that getting somewhere maybe 10 minutes later is stopping progress. Get a grip, people. Leave earlier, take a different route, just give me my Whole Foods!


Yes, I want a Whole Foods (or most any other corporation willing to invest in Rochester), but no – I don't want it there. I'm surprised THEY want it there.


When I registered to search for Trevyan Rowe, the meeting rooms at the Al Sigl Center were well stocked with food and drink for the searchers. When the RPD officer was killed, food and drinks were donated for out-of-town law enforcement. All compliments of Wegmans. They are always there for our community. The least I can do is support them with my business.


What? More lights on Monroe Avenue between I-590 and Clover Street? You have got to be kidding that this is acceptable to a planning board or zoning board or the department of transportation! Do you all never drive down Monroe Avenue?


I might be wrong, but I don't think there is a public demand for a Whole Foods store. Monroe Avenue traffic will be a nightmare unless Brighton and Pittsford officials come up with a plan to bypass the gridlock that already exists during rush hours and weekends at the corner of Monroe Avenue and Clover Street.

Complicating matters: not being allowed to make a left turn on Clover Street from Monroe if you are traveling east. Instead, many cars turn into parking lots past the light and turn around so they can turn right on Clover.


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