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Feedback 5/18 

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Casino skepticism

I agree with the editorial skepticism of the benefits of a casino (Urban Journal, May 4). Of course the management will try to keep the players inside. But won't the same be true for the patrons of the performing arts center?

I think on the way down from the third floor, there will be many enticements competing with independent night spots and restaurants that may be on the surrounding streets.

Of more concern is the creation of sovereign governance by the involved tribe. Apparently, the current Buffalo mayor is pleased with the casino in his city. Some years ago, however, the mayor at that time was not happy with the casino. There was some conflict between the tribal owners and the state that led the tribe to hold back revenue owed to Buffalo.

Should a casino not prosper, under the rule of sovereignty, the city would not have any control over subsequent redevelopment.


Go meatless to help save the planet

Less than a week after the Sierra Club forum presented "Agriculture and Climate Change," CITY was "Spreading the Love of Local Meat" (News, May 4). Forum keynote speaker Keegan Kuhn, co-creator of the film "COWSPIRACY," revealed how the world's 70 billion farm animals produce more greenhouse gas than the combined output of every car, truck, bus, train, plane and ship on the planet.

When feed, transportation, processing, distribution, deforestation for pasture, and preparation are factored in, the total greenhouse contribution exceeds 50 percent.

Internal memos from the Nestlé corporation obtained by WikiLeaks warned that our planet can expect a water crisis by 2025; up to one-third of people may not have enough fresh water to drink. The memo laid the cause of the crisis squarely on farm animals, which consume 55 percent of the world's fresh water.

Climate scientist Dr. James Hansen remarked at last year's Sierra Club forum that eating less meat is the single most effective personal action we could take to reduce our greenhouse footprint.

So, there is the information. How much do you care about your children's future and the planet it depends on? What do we owe the vast accumulation of human effort that preceded us and made the life we enjoy possible? What do we owe those who will come after us?

These are fair questions to contemplate as we consider making difficult personal choices. Going meatless is not a consignment to hell. I've been a vegetarian for 35 years and I enjoy a varied, flavorful, and satisfying diet. A few good cookbooks can get you started.


Does Rochester really need Uber (News, May 11)?

I think Uber is a great idea. Rochester has never been a robust cab town, and my experience has been if you're in the suburbs, you get poor service and usually broken-down cabs.


While hipsters and millennials love Uber and Lyft for some reason, the horror stories from customers of these unregulated services seem to be never ending. I applaud the voters in Austin for kicking these two companies from their city.


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